California's Top Psychics - Who are they?


Are you looking for California's best psychics? California, known for its diverse culture and open-minded spirit, has long been a hub for individuals seeking spiritual guidance and metaphysical insights. Among the many different services offered in this mystical city, the practice of psychic readings holds a special place. In this article, we delve into the realm of the supernatural and talk about some of the best psychics in California who have gained recognition for their exceptional abilities. 

Psychic Medium Lisa Williams

Psychic Lisa Williams
Psychic Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams is a psychic medium and healer who gained prominence through her work in the field of paranormal and spiritual phenomena. She was born on June 19, 1973, in Birmingham, England. Lisa says she experienced psychic abilities since childhood, including the ability to communicate with spirits. 

She is now famous for her extraordinary gift of communicating with the spirit world, and she has captured the attention of Californians and beyond. With a clientele that includes celebrities and everyday individuals seeking closure, Williams' compassionate approach and accurate readings have solidified her reputation as one of California's top psychics

She is also the author of different spiritual books such as ''Live among the dead'' and "The survival of the soul''. 

Sylvia Browne's Spiritual Heir, Rebecca Rosen

Having trained under the legendary Sylvia Browne, Rebecca Rosen has emerged as a prominent psychic in California. Specializing in connecting with departed loved ones, Rosen's genuine and empathetic readings have brought solace to many. Her commitment to using her gift for healing sets her apart in the world of psychics. Her incredibly accurate and detailed readings amazed many people from all over the world. She appeared on my tv show like The Dr. Oz Show, E! News Specials, Fox & Friends, Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Nightline and The Rachael Ray Show, among many others. Rebecca appeared as the star of LMN's (Lifetime Movie Network) show The Last Goodbye.

She is also the author of different books such as: Spirited, published in 2012, and Awaken the Spirit Within, published in 2013, and What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, published in 2017, Rebecca's newest book, What's Your Heaven?, was released in March 2023.

In her latest book, Rebecca teaches us how we are able to connect to the deepest sources of wisdom within and around us–in order to live with more intention and honesty, identify our biggest life lessons, and embrace the personal "homework" that needs to be completed to become who we're really meant to be.

Jayne Wallace – The Psychic Sisters

Jayne Wallace and Kim Kardashian
Jayne Wallace and Kim Kardashian

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, Jayne Wallace and her team of psychics, known as The Psychic Sisters, have become synonymous with accurate and insightful readings. Offering a range of services, from tarot card readings and past life readings, to astrology consultations, The Psychic Sisters have cultivated a loyal following seeking guidance in the City of Angels. Psychic Sisters is also a brand with over 30 years of experience. The Psychic Sisters collection includes a wide range of products inc aromatherapy. All are expertly formulated with naturally soothing essential oils. 

Jayne Wallace als provides psychic readings for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who says Jayne is the most exceptionally gifted clairvoyant she has ever met. 

Spiritual Advisor and Life Coach, Aiden Chase

Aiden Chase, also known as ''Hollywood Healer'' is a third generation healer and intuitive based in West Hollywood. Aiden has gained recognition not only for his psychic abilities but also for his expertise as a life coach. His holistic approach combines psychic insights with practical advice, helping clients navigate challenges and manifest positive changes in their lives. 

Aiden's Expertise:

  • Channelled Energy Healing Sessions
  • Intuitive Readings and Life Guidance
  • Intuitive Business Advisor and Strategist
  • Home and Business Clearing and Charging
  • Group Healing Events, Retreats and Lectures


in a state where the spiritual and metaphysical are embraced, California boasts a collection of psychics who have earned their place among the best in the industry. Whether seeking closure from the past, guidance for the present, or clarity for the future, these psychics offer a diverse range of services to cater to the spiritual needs of their clients. As individuals continue to explore the mystical side of life, California remains a haven for those in search of profound insights and spiritual connection. 

Contact California Psychics

Most of California's best psychics offer online readings as well. If you are interested you can schedule an appoinment. But you should keep in mind that these psychics are often very busy and sometimes you have to wait for months are even years to receive your reading. 

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