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Thank you for visiting our psychic blog! Here you can find many interesting articles about Spirituality and the Paranormal. You can read about topics such as psychic help, contacting deceased loved ones, Tarot and Oracle cards, Spiritual living, Aura and Chakra healing and much more! 

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We are all about personal development, awakening and becoming more aware of what we really are, spiritual beings having a physical experience.

We love helping people become more aware and awake and that's why we started a blog with interesting articles about spirituality and the paranormal. As a spiritual being living on Earth it is not uncommon that we experience things we can't really wrap our head around.

But these things we experience are actually very normal. It's the spirit world that tries to communicate with us! Did you ever have an encounter with a being from the spirit world? Or did you have another paranormal experience like a precognitive dream that you love to share with us?

We would love to hear it! Please send your experience to us so that we can share it with our visitors!

Did your relationship come to an end and are you now wondering if you will ever re-kindle the relationship? It can be heartbreaking to miss your ex and not knowing if he/she will ever come back to you. But we are glad to tell you that a psychic reading can give you all the answers you are looking for. A ...

Do you have a burning question that you would like to get a free answer to? Are you looking to get a quick yes/no answer from a psychic or fortune teller? Than keep reading! It is very possible to get a free psychic question answered in our free psychic chat rooms! Especially free psychic yes/no questions are fairly...

What happens when we die is a thought that crosses every mind at some point in a person's life. Most of us want reassurance that death is not the end and our reason of existence is something greater than we can comprehend. It is something that has kept us busy since the beginning of time and will keep fascinating us for decades to come. ...

A match made in heaven maybe? You might have heard of soulmate relationships before or you might even feel like you are in one yourself. So what exactly is a soulmate relationship and is it possible that you are a part of one?

Is it true that you can get 1 psychic question 100% for free? Yes, it is possible to ask 1 question for free in our free psychic chat rooms. But it is not guaranteed that every psychic will answer questions totally for free. Some psychics are willing to give you a free answer and some psychics may...

On the 29th of March you can participate for a free demo reading by another experienced Psychic! This time it's Lovingangel24 who will be doing the free demo readings in her chatroom.

Each week a different Psychic will show his or her skills during a free demo reading! This week it's Uriel3's turn for a demo reading ! Uriel3 will do these free readings at 8 March, from 4.30 until 5.00 pm EST.

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