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We are all about personal development, awakening and becoming more aware of what we really are, spiritual beings having a physical experience.

We love helping people become more aware and awake and that's why we started a blog with interesting articles about spirituality and the paranormal. As a spiritual being living on Earth it is not uncommon that we experience things we can't really wrap our head around.

But these things we experience are actually very normal. It's the spirit world that tries to communicate with us! Did you ever have an encounter with a being from the spirit world? Or did you have another paranormal experience like a precognitive dream that you love to share with us?

We would love to hear it! Please send your experience to us so that we can share it with our visitors!

We are really happy to announce that from now on our well known demo psychic readings will be back! They are now a little bit different then before. We will choose a psychic that will demonstrate his/her psychic abilities within a free psychic chat that will last for 30 minutes!

We often get the question : ''Is a real psychic able to answer all questions''? If you are looking for a plane yes/no answer, our answer would be ''No''. A real legit psychic is able to receive answers about all sorts of questions, but they do not know it all.

Tarot readings online are becoming more and more popular. Thousands of people worldwide are searching everyday for online tarot card readings. Especially live tarot card readings are very popular. A live tarot card reading is a tarot reading performed in an online tarot chat room. Which means that the person on the receiving end of the...

As you may already know, we love to offer our visitors totally free Tarot card readings on a regular basis! But maybe you are not so familiar with www.psychicoraclechat.com? Let us explain how you can get a totally free tarot card reading via our website.

There are different divination tools that can be used in order to contact the spirit world. Many people use these methods to connect with their spirit guides or even lost loved ones. You do not always have to make use of a divination tool to contact the spirit world. Some people have the ability to channel or they have...

There are many different Fortune telling cards. Deciding which Fortune cards are best is subjective. Many people practice fortune card reading and so there are a lot o different opinions about them.

We often get the question, 'Can anyone become a card reader'? If you are looking for a short answer then it's a yes. In theory every person can be a tarot card reader. But becoming a respectable tarot card reader is not as simple as that. The key in becoming a professional and qualified tarot card reader is a bit more complicated. ...

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