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Are you looking for the best 100% free psychic reading online? You didn't find us by accident of course. Here you can get the absolute best free psychic readings via live chat, video chat and video call. 

You can join from the comfort of your home and get some no cost psychic answers in no time. Many websites promise psychic readings at no charge but most of them don't really come through on what they promise you. But we surely do. We promise you a free psychic reading 100% guaranteed.

Get your reading at the #1 online spiritual community that offers free psychic chat readings to thousands of people every month. Let us explain how it works so that you can get your psychic reading as soon as possible. 

Get a Free Psychic Reading in No Time

You are now probably wondering how you can get your free psychic reading as soon as possible. Please read all information carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

There are 2 options to choose from. Or you can make use of both ways. You can choose to join the free live chat rooms and get some free answers during a public chat with a psychic reader of your choice. Or you can register an account and make use of the special welcome offer to get a free 10 minute reading in a private chat room. 

Get a Free Reading During a Public Chat 

Like we said, the first way is to join the free public chat. But how does it work? It is very easy to get some free answers this way. All you need to do is register a free account and look for the live psychics who are available at this moment in time. Join their chat room and see if they are willing to give you some free answers or a free reading. Many psychics use their public chat room to demonstrate their psychic abilities. They like to play games like 'Yes or No' or 'Pick a Card'. This way they can offer their chat room visitors some free answers is a fun way. 

Especially free Yes or No questions and free tarot readings are offered on a regular basis. You can always ask the psychic and see of they are willing to offer you some information at no cost. It should be fairly easy to get a no cost answer to your question in no time

Get a Free 10 Minute Reading Right Away

When you are not interested in joining the public chat rooms then you can choose to get a private free 10 minute reading right away. 

All you need to do is register and validate a credit card. There is no deposited needed! You will get 9,99 credits added to your account immediately. Just make sure you look for a psychic who charges $0,99 a minute so that you will get the full 10 minutes for free! This special offer is for all new registered users only. So make sure you don't miss out!

Tips to Get A Psychic Reading for free in no time

Let us give you some tips on how to get your no cost psychic answers or reading as soon as possible. 

  • Register an account and look for Live Chat rooms, these are the free chat rooms that are available at this moment in time.
  • Look for a psychic that is very active in the chat room. Some use microphones to communicate and really love to engage with their visitors. These psychics are most likely to answer questions for free. Not all psychics are the same and not all of them use the live chat to answer questions at no charge.
  • Look for a psychic that is already doing free readings.
  • Oranum encourages people to ask their psychics to play games to get some free answers. Examples of games are: ''Pick a Card'' and Yes or No''.
  • Always stay polite and respectful. After greeting the psychic and asking them about their day you are free to ask them for some answers at no cost. But stay respectful if they decline. 
  • Feel free to visit as many chat rooms as you like, for the highest chance at some free readings
  • Make use of the free welcome offer of 9,99 credits to get a 10 minute psychic reading right away.

Can a Free Reading Answer All My Questions?

Sure, a no cost reading can answer all questions you have in mind. But it all depends up on the duration of the reading and what the psychic is willing to share for free. Free readings are most of the time not as detailed as a paid reading. Because of the fact that they or often seen as a demo reading, they are more suitable for some quick answers.

When you are looking for a more in depth reading then we would recommend a paid reading. This way you can talk to the psychic or medium for as long as you want to really get all the information, insight, advice and answers you need. But like we said before, it is up to the psychic what they want to share with you in a specific timeframe.  When the psychic's chat room isn't busy they will often have more time for you and are likely to share more information with you. 

Are Free Psychic Readings Trustworthy?

Many people question the fact if free psychic readings are real. They are skeptic of free readings and wonder if they are to be trusted. Why would anyone offer a free reading? Is it a scam? Of course we can not guarantee that all free psychic readings are real. We would definitely warn you for scam websites who are just out to get your money.

Unfortunately there are many scam psychic websites. They promise free readings but what you actually get is a fake reading which they send to anyone. The readings are not from real psychics. Watch out for these fake free psychic readings. 

Free Accurate Psychic Reading Online
Free Accurate Psychic Reading Online

But a genuine website that works with the best psychics will always offer real free psychic readings. It's just a way for them to let people get familiar with their psychics and psychic services. Of course they will do their best to offer absolute acurracy as anything else would make people feel unsatisfied and they will lose them as a loyal customer. 

But always keep in mind that the accuracy of a free reading depends on the skills, talents and expertise of the psychic. The same goes for paid readings. 

What Kind of Free Psychic Readings Can You Get?

You can get many different kind of free spiritual readings via our psychic chat rooms. You can ask a question about anything that is on your mind. Most popular topics are love, money, work, children, pregnancy and health. Maybe you want to know what to expect this year when it comes to your love life? Or are you trying to get pregnant and do you want to know if and when it will happen? 

A psychic reading can give you the answers and clarity you are looking for. Our online psychic readers are professional and experienced and can help you with any problem or concern. You can not only chat with the best psychics but also the best mediums, fortune tellers, tarot readers, astrologers, animal psychics, healers and clairvoyants. They can provide many different readings that specialize on one specific topic. Let us give you some information about all the different free psychic readings you can get when joining them.

Psychic Medium Reading

A medium reading is meant to re-connect with passed loved ones. A medium can act like a bridge between the physical and spiritual world. They are able to see and hear spirits and can therefore transfer messages from them to their beloved family members and friends. We have some of the very best online mediums that can help you when you are seeking closure or help with your grieving. Get some free medium answers or a free 10 minute medium reading when joining, no deposit needed. 

Love Psychic Reading 

As you would expect, this reading is all about your love life. It can tell you all about your current relationship or a future love interest. A love psychic reading can offer insight, guidance and clarity that can really help you move forward in a more positive way. It can shed a light on your relationship and tell you exactly what you need to know. How healthy the relationship is and what you can do to make it even better. Or it can tell you about your partners needs and feelings. If you partner is still happy and what his/her thoughts and intentions are. 

You can even get some accurate future predictions about your relationship. Or when you are looking for a new love connection then a free psychic reading for love can tell you what to expect in the upcoming months. 

Money/career Psychic Reading

Finances and career are also very popular and important topics in psychic chat rooms. During a financial psychic reading you can get some insight in your financial situation. A psychic or fortune teller can offer you some valuable advice that can help you better your financial situation. 

Many people contact a psychic for business advice or when they need to make an important decision. You can also contact an experienced fortune reader for predictions about your future career or when you want to know what to expect in the nearby future regarding work, money and business. 

Pregnancy Psychic Reading

There are also quite some people who are interested in knowing more about their pregnancy or new born. During this reading you can ask for example how long it will take for you to get pregnant. Or if the pregnacy will be smood or if you should expect any problems. Psychics can even tell you about your baby's personality and things they do and do not like. Even when the baby is still in the womb. 

A good psychic is able to connect with the energy of your baby and tell you very specific details. But keep in mind that not every psychic is specialized in pregnancy readings. So make sure that you look for a psychic who is. You can join the chat and get some free pregnancy answers or a 10 minute free pregnancy psychic reading. 

Animal Psychic Reading

Animal psychic readings are becoming more popular by the day. Many people turn to an animal psychic, also could an animal communicator or pet psychic to get to know more about their beloved furry companion. There are many different reasons why one would turn to an animal reader for insight, clarity and guidance.

The first reason is to gain insight into a pets behavior. Some pets show difficult behavior that could drive the owner crazy. Such like barking all the time or trying to escape. But sometimes an animal shows anxious behavior and the owner is dying to know where this behavior is coming from. An animal reader connects with the energy of the animal and tries to retrieve all information that is necesarry. 

There are also animal mediums. These individuals are able to connect with the soul of animals who are already deceased. Animal psychic mediums can help you with your grief and provide messages that can be very healing for the owner as well as for the animal in question.