Birth Horoscope Chart Based on Time and Date

Accurate Personal Birth Horoscope

A birth horoscope, also called a birth chart or natal chart, is like a fingerprint, personal and unique. No birth chart is exactly the same, not even with twins. The birth chart provides a comprehensive and accurate description of your character. This is calculated based on your date of birth, time and location. Without the exact time of your birth you can also receive a birth chart, but it will be slightly less accurate and not as much in detail as a birth horoscope that is calculated based on your time and date of birth.

What Exactly is a Birth Horoscope?

A professional birth horoscope will clearly show what your strengths and weaknesses are, what drives you and what you need to feel good. In the character sketch of your birth chart, each special characteristic is carefully described, so you get to know yourself a lot better. This can help you with your personal development. You gain a lot of insight into your personality. This allows you to understand your choices better and recognize patterns in your behavior. A birth horoscope also provides information about your ambitions and how you deal with problems. It explains how your past affects your character and your future. It can even give you insight into your past lives and your karma. This will show what lessons you still have to learn in this life time and what you can achieve when you use your talents optimally. It also shows you what things you have already learned in your past lives and how it influences you in this life. A birth horoscope does not only have to be about this life, but goes a lot further by also giving you insights into a larger part of the journey of you as a soul. 

The birth chart also contains a clear description of your zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has specific qualities and traits. It also tells you which other zodiac signs you can get along with. The birth chart is like a mirror and shows us on paper how we are put together and which themes play a major role in our lives. 

In this way we also find out what our purpose is in life and in which area we can be most successful. The horoscope not only says a lot about yourself but also about your origin and how your parents influence you. 

Each planet in astrology plays a role in your personal development and tells about an aspect in your life. A birth chart is the basis of all horoscopes, from here you can look at other themes. For example, by comparing the birth charts of two people, a relationship chart can be calculated.

An astrologer can calculate and analyze a birth chart for you. The birth chart is a drawing or sketch of the position of different planets at the time of your birth. The drawing of your personal horoscope is very complex. Astrologers understand the positions of the sun, moon and other planets and they can tell you exactly what it means. 

The astrologer explains how the different planets in their houses affect your character and personality and can also give a prediction of your future. The information obtained by the position of the different planets gives an interesting overall picture of yourself, your life and your karma. Because the planets are constantly moving, a prediction can be made of what will happen in the future. Any topic can be discussed in a birth chart, from career and money to relationships and family. You will receive advice and insight into each topic and information about future influences. This can help you anticipate and make important choices. The birth chart can also provide clues about which work suits you best, physical ailments and what you should pay attention to in terms of diet and exercise. In this horoscope it becomes clear in which areas you will have great success and which aspects need more focus. If you want to receive a specific and detailed birth horoscope, you can have it calculated by an experienced astrologer. You can of course ask questions about any topic you have in mind. The astrologer can then include this in his or her analysis. The birth chart has a clarifying effect and places situations and circumstances in a new perspective. A birth horoscope is the most well-known and most requested horoscope in astrology. 

If you have any questions after a consultation or if you would like to know more about a certain aspect, an astrologer can zoom in on it. 

What if you do not Know your Exact Time of Birth?

Unfortunately, without a birth time you can't create a complete natal chart.

The three most important components of the natal chart are the Sun, Moon and the rising sign or ascendant. Of course, everything is important in astrology, but these have more influence over you than the rest of the chart. So it is most important that you know the exact time of when you were born.

When you don't know the exact time of when you were born then you can still create a chart, but it means you won't know your ascendant or how the houses line up. Instead, the chart focusses on the placement of planets in signs and how they interact with each other. This will definitely not give you all the information that a natal chart will give you but it still offers a lot of insight so it is still very valuable.

What does a Birth Horoscope Look Like?

Personal birth horoscope
Personal birth horoscope

A natal chart or birth chart can look very complicated to an amateur. That is why you need a professional astrologer to explain it to you. As you can see in the picture, the chart has many lines and signs that all have something important to say about you as a person in this lifetime, and about your souls overall journey. The best thing about getting your personal birth chart is that you can keep it forever. At any time during your life you can look at it again to gain insight whenever you feel you need it. 

Get a Birth Horoscope for Your Partner, Child or Friend

It is also nice to request a birth chart for your child or partner. This way you get to know and understand the other person much better. It is fascinating to see how someone else develops and which situations from the past influence their current life, behavior and even future. Nowadays, birth horoscopes are often given as gifts.