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Are you looking for the absolute best psychics online for a professional and reliable online psychic chat reading? Then look no further! Here you can find the best online psychics world wide! The psychics are chosen by thousands of satisfied costumers from Oranum. All the psychics are unique and have their own special talents and gifts. Some psychics are specialized in providing love readings while others are realy good in making accurate future predictions. But we also provide you with the absolute best psychic mediums who can help you get into contact with passed loved ones. 

Real Psychics - What to Expect from Them?

A real psychic will always give you honest answers. They will never give answers just to please you or the other way around to make you feel bad. A real psychic is understanding and doesn't judge you. A good psychic is respectful and positive. A good psychic is able to tell you facts that nobody else could know if they haven't already met you. A genuine psychic will make sure that you feel positive and empowered at the end of the reading. These top rated psychics will do all that and give you the best psychic reading possible by giving you honest answers, insight, advice and predictions! The psychics listed below are all chosen by thousands of people from all over the world! They are all top rated psychics who have helped many people with their accurate online psychic readings! 

Best Psychic Number 1

Let us begin with our number 1 online psychic. Her name is : Inspirebymee. She is a tested and proven 3rd generation psychic. She became aware of her psychic abilities at a very early age when she discovered that she could feel the emotions and sometimes even hear the thoughts of the people around her. She studied everything from Astrology and Numerology with the help of her spirit guides. She attempted to understand her abilities. She is a clairvoyant and a healer too.

Our clients rated her as our best online psychic. She is rated by many of our clients and they are stunned by her accurate answers and predictions. You can click the banner to start a free chat with her or to invite her for a private psychic chat reading right away. 

Best Psychic Number 2

Our next best online psychic is AlyciaRose. She is a professional, authentic psychic that is known from radio and tv. She has more then 30 years of experience and has performed more than 35.000 psychic readings. She works for more than 6 years for our psychic chat and is available on most days from 3pm - 12 mid EST. She has won the 1 place award for best psychic 20 times! And the award for second best psychic 28 times! She is an all rounded psychic which you can contact for questions about love, career, money, lost objects, paranormal, past lives, tarot, runes, Reiki Healing, Psychic diagnosis, remote viewing and spirit communication. She is clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and precognizant.

Best Psychic Number 3

Our third best online psychic is VisionaryGu. She is a clairsentient and clairvoyant Psychic. She also is an expert at Tarot readings. VisionaryGu is able to work with the Lenormand cards and she also does IChing, Dowser, Chinese fortune telling, and working with the Pendulum. She also is a Reiki Master and a Life Coach. Her specialties are reconciling relationships, making predictions about love, career, finances and even court cases! Another specialty of VisionaryGu is Soulmate and Twin flame confirmations. VisionaryGu is known for her direct and honest approach! She doesn't sugar coat anything and she doesn't give you false hope. VisionaryGu is there to reveal the truth to you. She has won the 1st place award for best psychic 8 times, and the second place award for best psychic 24 times! 

Best Psychic Number 4

Our fourth best online psychic is Pedia. This online clairvoyant Psychic is well-known for her amazingly high accuracy and precision! In fact, her 5 star rating tells you all that you need to know. Pedia is specialized in certain areas. She works with different kinds of Tarot and Oracle cards, such as Angel cards, Gypsy cards and also the original Tarot. Besides that, she is also specialized in Dream analysis, Chakra healing and Feng Shui. Another pretty unique thing about Pedia, is that she is highly specialized in feeling and reading the energy in your house, and if necessary, she can even perform a house cleansing. Do you need to get rid of bad energy? Pedia is the psychic you should turn to!

Best Psychic Number 5

Another gifted Psychic we would like to introduce to you is psychicalex2. Psychicalex2 is a clairvoyant Psychic and an energy worker. This psychic can help you by giving you insights which can change your whole perception so that your life can change for the better! Psychicalex2 is a psychic who works with no tools, but works with strong and deep prayers. Let psychicalex2 amaze you with his accuracy, and his fast way of helping you to get where you want to be! Psychicalex2 has won the second place award for best online Psychic, and he also won the third place award for best online Psychic 3 times. Psychicalex2 strongly believes in the concept of love and oneness and he will use this in the way he work! 

Best Psychic Number 6

Another great psychic that is really appreciated by our clients is Heera123. She is a born-gifted psychic from New York. She is available throughout the day for guidance and answers to burning questions. She is a channeler and a healer. She has been with us since 2012 and has helped many people with her honest answers and guidance. You can visit her free chat and information wall to read many experiences from people who have had readings from her before. She can help you with all the questions you have in mind.

Best Psychic Number 7

The next Psychic that we think that deserves in the spotlight is LoveDrNikki. LoveDrNikki is a gifted Psychic who has helped over thousands of people with her very professional and detailed readings. She has over 47 years of experience and she would love to help you find the answers, insights and clarity you need! It's up to you to decide if you would like her to use divination tools or if you prefer a reading by just using her innate gifts! To name a few, during a private reading with LoveDrNikki, she is willing to do:

Chakra healing, help with finding lost objects and items, love reading, picking an important date, palm analysis, tarot reading, date of birth analysis, karma love reading, life path and destiny reading, horoscope reading, family problems, selecting locations and much more!

Best Psychic Number 8

Let us introduce this awesome Psychic the way she deserves to! Her name is Crystalpowers and she is a 3rd generation Psychic Medium. Crystalpowers has over 35 years of experience in what she does and we are so proud to have her! She has won the silver award for best Psychic and she has also won the bronze award for best Psychic 2 times! If you would like to, Crystalpowers can use the Tarot or Lenormand cards during a private reading. If you would like a private reading with Crystalpowers you can find her online from noon (12 pm) till 2 am (EST), on/off in between! 

Best Psychic Number 9

Number 9 is for an absolute top online Psychic. Her name is RockPsychic and she has over 30 years of experience. She is a master Psychic, and she does not need any tools during her readings. She is the real deal when it comes to Psychic abilities, and she has some very special gifts. Some of her specialties are helping to find missing children, helping authorities and even helping by solving murders! Would you like a private reading with this top Psychic? RockPsychic is online on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! 

Best Psychic Number 10

Another Psychic who we find could not be missing on this list is Seherezada82. This multilingual (English, Spanish and Czech) experienced Psychic was born with her special gift and correctly predicted a death at the age of just 10 years old! During the years, her gift grew stronger and stronger. To name a few during a private reading, Seherezada82 is willing to do : Angel card reading, communicating with angels, dream analysis, gypsy card reading, solving family problems, love reading, love rituals and much more!

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