How to use your sixth sense for intuitive future prediction


Are you looking to develop your intuitive skills to learn to predict the future? While the concept of a sixth sense might seem mysterious and elusive, all people have the innate ability to tap into an intuitive understanding of the future. Whether it's a gut feeling, a hunch, or a sense of knowing, cultivating your sixth sense can be a powerful tool for anticipating upcoming events. Let us explore ways to connect with and trust your intuition to predict the future. We are very sure that everyone including you can master the skill of future prediction. Here are some tips and tools that will help you on your journey to harness this psychic ability quickly. 

Practise Self-Awareness

The first and most important tip is to really practise self awareness. Understanding your own emotions and reactions is the foundation of developing your sixth sense. Regularly reflect on your feelings and thoughts, and be mindful of how your intuition manifests in different situations. This way you will learn how your intuitions works and you will become more sensitive to it. 

Quiet your mind

It is so important to learn to quiet the mind. In the midst of our fast-paced lives, finding moments of stillness is crucial for tapping into your intuitive abilities. Practice meditation, mindfulness, or deep breathing exercises to quiet the noise of daily life and create space for intuitive insights to emerge. Only when you quiet the mind you can clearly receive intuitive messages. Maybe you have experienced some intuitive insights while doing the dishes, talking a nice bath or when taking a walk in nature. These are moments when people get distracted from everyday life and intuitive feelings have the chance to pop up. 

Trust Your Gut Feelings

Another important tip is to really trust your gut feeling. Pay attention to those visceral reactions you experience in certain situations. Your gut feelings often provide valuable information that your conscious mind may not have processed yet. Trusting your instincts is a key component of honing your intuitive skills. Very experienced and professional psychics have learned to trust the feelings and emotions they receive. That's why they are able to do accurate future predictions. They have learned to really get in touch with their feelings and sixth sense and that is why their psychic abilities have developed to a state that they are now able to do readings for other people as well. 

Learn how to predict the future
Learn how to predict the future

You have probably had many gut feelings before yourself. We all get them. You feel a certain way about a person and it turns out to be true. Or you just feel weird all day like something is going to happen and then indeed something happens to you or a close friend or family member. It is our intuition or psychic sense that is trying to tell us someting. Pay close attention and trust whatever feelings, emotions or sometimes even visions you receive. 

Write down your dreams

Dreams are also a way for your intuition to connect with you. Dreams can be a window into your subconscious mind. Keep a dream journal to record and analyze your dreams regularly. Look for patterns, symbols, or recurring themes that may offer insights into your subconscious thoughts about the future. Many people even have dreams about their past lives or about future events. Predictive dreams are not uncommon. While you develop you sixth sense it could very well be that you will start to have predictive dreams yourself. 

Spend much time in nature

Like mentioned before, spending time in nature can help you attune to your intuition. The calming effect of natural surroundings allows your mind to enter a receptive state, making it easier to tune into subtle intuitive signals. Go for a long walk with your furry friend or go for a nice picknick on a sunny day by the water. Water has a way of calming the mind making it even more easy for us to connect with our innerself and our intuition. Do whatever feels good to you. You know what calms your body and mind the most. 

Practice Visualization

Visualization exercises can enhance your ability to foresee future events. Envision possible scenarios and pay attention to your emotional reactions. The more vividly you can imagine a future outcome, the more likely you are to pick up on intuitive signals related to that situation. Not everyone finds this exercise easy. But visualization is very important. It helps you to recognize specific feelings and emotions that are connected with your intuition. It could be that you feel something in your stomach when something is going to happen. or maybe your knees get weak or you feel a pressure somewhere in your body. Pay attention to these feelings when you are practicing visualization. It is your body's way or receiving intuititive signals. 

Tools to Predict the Future

You could also practice to use some tools that will help you to predict future events. Using these tools can be very helpful with developing your psychic abilites and intuition even further. Even the best fortune tellers and psychics like to use tools during readings. They help them to get in touch with their innerself and intuition. This way they can receive even more information about a specific person or event. 

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards or other fortune telling cards are by far the most popular tool used by fortune tellers and psychics. Tarot cards are a deck of cards with symbolic imagery. Psychics use these cards to gain insights into a person's past, present, and future. Each card has a unique meaning, and the arrangement of cards in a spread is interpreted to provide guidance or predictions. By using these cards you can really learn how to tap into your intuition. Pay attention to what you feel when looking at the cards. Maybe you can even hear words in your mind or you start seeing colours or other visions. 

Crystal ball gazing

Crystal ball scrying involves gazing into a crystal ball or other reflective surface to receive intuitive or symbolic visions. The psychic focuses on the ball's surface and interprets the images or impressions that appear, providing insights into the future. Many people believe that the crystal ball itself provides the psychic visions but in fact it is the gazer who receives the visions in their mental eye by focussing on the surface and entering a  trance like state. In the trance like state people are able to connect with their intuition or higher and can therefore receive visions of the past, present or future. 

Rune Stones

Runes are ancient alphabetic symbols, often carved into stones or wood. Psychics use rune casting, where they draw runes from a bag or scatter them and interpret the symbols to gain insights or answers to specific questions. The runes all have their own meaning but intuitive interpretating is also still required.  

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing involves allowing the subconscious mind to guide the hand in writing without conscious control. Psychics use this technique to receive messages, insights, or predictions from the spirit world or their own intuition. All you have to do is take a pen and paper and quiet the mind. Ask yourself a question about the future and start writing whatever comes to mind. Do not think about. Just write whatever you feel like writing. The great thing about automatic writing to predict the future is that you have everything written down so you can read it back as often as you feel like or need to. This way you can easily check all the things you have predicted correctly. It is a very easy and helpful way to tap into your intuition and psychic abilities. 


Predicting the future with your sixth sense is a personal and subjective journey. By cultivating self-awareness, trusting your instincts, and incorporating practices that enhance your intuitive abilities, you can tap into a deeper understanding of potential future events. Remember that intuition is a skill that can be developed over time, and with practice, you may find yourself more adept at navigating the uncertain terrain of the future.

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