The third eye - The eye of vision and consciousness

The third eye and its purpose

The third eye psychic visions
The third eye psychic visions

A mind's eye or inner eye as the symbol of wisdom and insight achieved through meditation and concentration that helps to explore the hidden and unreal concepts of life that are beyond ordinary sight. It leads the way to inner realms and higher consciousness. The eye of vision which improves and broadens the way of thinking and understanding the situation deeply and see things that cannot be seen through the human eyes. It is believed to be located around the center of forehead just a little higher from junction of two eyebrows, positioned vertically, in Indian spiritual tradition.

Concept of the third eye

In Hinduism, it is believed that one of their gods called 'Lord Shiva' who was the destroyer and restorer, had three eyes out of which the third eye was the eye of spirituality and wisdom. It is called 'Ajna chakra' which means the "sixth chakra'' in Hinduism. People believed that their lord Shiva could see the future and saved them from huge destruction through a third eye. Whereas in Buddhism, the third eye is called the 'eye of consciousness' through which those things or situations can be seen which cannot be explored by ordinary human eyes. 

The third eye according to science 

Even though there is no scientific evidence of a third eye, there are some beliefs and theories which are logical and can be considered right somehow. It is believed that in the past people had a third eye in the back of their head which evolved with time and transformed into a gland called the pineal gland. The pineal gland is located in the midst of the brain and what makes it special is that a huge amount of blood and energy flows through it than any other glands of the body and it stimulates the activity of the pituitary gland. It releases two hormones called melatonin and serotonin which are basically the reason for relaxation and happiness of the human body. 

How to open the third eye? 

Opening the third eye is only achieved through meditation only. Meditation helps improve your concentration and energy channeling. It is basically the sixth sense of the human body which can feel the true meaning of the situation. There are energy wheels distributed throughout the body called chakras which affect well-being and perception. Third eye is considered the sixth chakra of the human body known as ajna chakra which is believed to deepen the spiritual connection and enlighten the beyond knowledge. It is referred to as the 'spiritual antenna' which when awakened or opened can see beyond the space of time and reality. You can open it by doing meditation. There are meditations that focus upon awakening the third eye but you should be very careful when trying this. Often professional guidance is adviced. 

Is my third eye open or not? 

You may be wondering whether your third eye is activated or not. When opening the third eye you may feel various symptoms in your body. Like headaches and buzzing at the spot where the third eye is. When it is awakened you'll have a better understanding of where you are standing in life. You'll be able to make better and more reasonable decisions. Solving complex problems without being panicked and seeing the hidden things of the situation which'll make it more easy to solve are some signs of an open third eye. People with an open third eye can often see visions and auras. Frequent lucid and vivid dreams are also a sign of an open third eye.

Often they start seeing lights, geometric shapes, and patterns when the eyes are closed. They start noticing all the synchronicities in their life. Although they have always been their, people with an awakaned sixth chakra notice them more easily and understand what they are telling them. 

Is it good for mental health? 

Once your third eye is activated or working to its fullest it makes you feel calm and light weighed. It makes you a calm person in difficult situations. It can make you access a higher level of understanding. the connection between your spirit and mind will be bridged which can make your spirit capable of knowing everything. You begin to see how everything in this universe is connected. As meditation will become a part of your daily life your consciousness will be shifted to a higher and deeper level. You'll feel less stressed and anxious and your thoughts will be shifted to become a successful person in life. You will be able to see the real purpose of your life. Third eye empowers your self-confidence when you get used to it and all of its side effects. It influences your sleep patterns as it is related to your brain specifically to your pineal gland which is responsible for relaxation. Third eye serves as a lifestyle guide for a better and calm life.

Link with Spiritual world - Is it capable of giving paranormal experiences?

Third eye psychic skills
Third eye psychic skills

Studies have shown that extra sensory perception also called sixth sense at will can be induced and 'third eye' could be activated to spiritual world frequencies which can enable a person to have the sense of all-knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around him and can also enable a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel, cosmological projection or remote viewing. Studies on pineal gland are important in identifying the link between human and superhuman experiences. These researches open a door to the world of even more countless possibilities of what a human body is capable of attaining.

According to research by Dr. Panagariya, presently a member of the Rajasthan State Planning Board, the human brain contains magnetite (ferrous oxide), which renders the brain sensitive to the Earth's magnetic fields "It has long been known that birds and other animals use magnetite in their brains to aid in navigation." (Muhammad, 2013)

Pineal gland and temporal lobe in humans specifically contain magnetite which scientifically explains the spiritual, mystical and paranormal experiences. The most surprising discovery of all is that the brain produces a parapsychology enhancing neurotransmitter." says Dr. Panagariya, while referring to a class of substances known as beta-carbolines which are secreted from the Pineal gland or "spiritual third eye", is regarded as the gateway of spiritual life as per ancient concepts about the soul. (Muhammad, 2013)

Modern neuroscience states that the pineal gland, which is primarily a melatonin-secreting neuroendocrine organ that controls the circadian rhythm, also has mystical and energetic associations with spirituality. It acts as a tremendous coordinator between molecular, hormonal, physiological, and chemical rhythmic orchestras and it would not be wrong to say that someday modern science could decode the mystery of "third eye", and find the solution for supernatural controls. (Kumar Raj, 2018).

Ask a psychic about the third eye

When you have questions about the third eye in a spiritual way you could turn to a psychic reader. They have opened their third eye and can tell you anything you need to know. For example how to open the third eye or how to protect yourself when you have already openend it but you are receiving visions that scare you are you do not know what to do with them. Join the free chat and ask a psychic for free! Make sure you register an account to be able to chat and ask all questions you have in mind. Unregistered members can't make use of the free chat.