Can I get 1 Free Psychic Question Answered?


Is it true that you can get 1 psychic question 100% for free? Yes, it is possible to ask 1 question for free in the free psychic chat rooms that you can join via our website. But it is not guaranteed that every psychic will answer questions totally for free. Some psychics are willing to give you a free answer and some psychics may not be willing to provide a free answer to a question during the public chat. Nevertheless it is absolutely possible to get your free answer in no time. There are 2 different ways in which you can get your question answered. Let us explain.

How to get 1 free psychic question answered?
How to get 1 free psychic question answered?

Get 1 Psychic Question Answered for Free

The best way to get your psychic question answered for free is to spend some time talking to the psychic in a public psychic chat room. Be nice and take the time to start a conversation with them. Don't just enter the chat room and ask them your question right away. Take a little time to say hello first. Most psychics prefer it that way. 

When you are nice and genuine then some of the psychics are probably willing to answer a short question for free. You can of course also ask them if they are doing free daily tarot cards. Many psychics do this. This way they can show you that they are the real deal and that they can provide real accurate psychic readings online. There are many psychics who offer free tarot card readings on a regular basis during the public chat.

Spend some Time Talking to the Psychics

There are always multiple readers available for free psychic chat. Take advantage of that. The more time you spend in the public psychic chat rooms talking to the psychics the bigger the chance that you will get your question answered for free. Try to get to know the psychics and talk with them about everyday life. Building a bond with the psychics can definitely help in getting more and better free readings.

You can even get multiple free psychic readings a day by talking to different readers. Like said before, there are many psychics available for no cost chat. You can talk to all of them as often as you like. All psychics are different and they all have something different to offer.

Always remember that a psychic has to make a living too. Being psychic isn't easy. Focusing on a question takes a lot of energy. The psychics talk to many people a day and that can be very exhausting. So, always stay respectful when a psychic says no to answering your question for free. Spiritual work is also work and of course nobody likes to do his job for free all the time.

The Best Questions to Ask

When the psychic offers you 1 free question make sure that you ask a question that will provide you the best and most detailed answer. You could also ask the psychic to give you information that is most important for you to know at this moment.

But you probably have a specific question in mind. When you do, try to formulate the question in a way so that you will not just get a plain Yes/No answer. You would like to formulate your free question so that it will give you more detailed information. Although it is a free question, the answer can be very valuable to you.

The Best way to Formulate your Free Psychic Question

To get the most our of your free psychic question avoid Yes/No answers. So, you should best not ask : Does he love me? Or : Will I get the job I applied for? Unless you are of course satisfied with a quick Yes/No answer.

Examples of Ways to Formulate Free Psychic Questions

  • Can you tell me anything about the job I applied for?
  • Can you tell me anything about the intentions of my partner?
  • Is there anything I need to know regarding my love life?
  • Is there anything nice going to happen to me soon?
  • How do you see our relationship evolving?

If you can't avoid asking a plain Yes/No question than that is of course totally fine too, if you are happy with that. But most people are looking for a more detailed reading for clarity and insight. Of course the more free information you get the better.

Free Psychic Medium Question

It is also possible to get a free question regarding a passed loved one. If you would like to get a message from a loved one that is no longer with you in the physical form then you should look for a psychic medium. A medium is able to connect with those who have crossed over to the other side. Talking to a medium could reassure you that your loved one is still with you and guiding you every step of the way. 

If you would like to get 1 psychic medium question for free then make sure that you ask a question that will give you proof that they are really connecting to your loved one. Do not ask a question like : Is my father doing okay? But rather ask : Can you tell me anything about my father's passing? This way you could get a lot more detailed information that would proof that the psychic medium is really connecting to your dad. It also gives you proof of life after death. How else should the medium know about how your father died?

But remember that not every Oranum psychic medium will answer a question for free. It is also more likely that you will get a free answer when it not so busy in the psychic's chat room. This way the psychic medium can give you more attention than when there are 10 or 15 people talking to medium and asking them questions. Also, when you buy credits now and then the psychic medium will me more willing to answer questions for free once in a while. 

Free Tarot Questions

Especially free tarot questions are very popular. It means that you ask a question to a tarot reader and then they will usually draw 1 card for you. The card will offer information and advice on the topic you asked a question about. Free tarot readings are not uncommon in the public chat rooms. It should be fairly easy to find a tarot reader who is willing to provide you a free tarot question in no time.

Talk to Free Online Psychics Right Away

If you are interested in a free psychic question then you can register a free psychic chat account right away. The free psychic chat rooms are 24/7 available for people from all around the world. 

Get a Question Answered for Free, Guaranteed

The second way is to register an account and make use of the special welcome offer. All new registered users who validate a credit card, no deposit needed, will get 9,99 free credits right away. These credits can be used for a free reading up to 15 minutes or even more, depending on what kind of reading you get.