Are Free Psychics Real? Are they to be Trusted?


Are free psychics real? Can I trust them? If so, where can I find an accurate free psychic? We are sure that these are questions that many people ask themselves. Why would a psychic be free? It seems to good to be true, right? Well, we would like to dive into these questions and provide you some clarity and honest answers. So, are free psychics real? And what can you expect from them? Keep reading and we will give you the answers you are seeking. 

Are Free Psychics and Free Mediums Real?

Real free psychics
Real free psychics

Yes, free psychics and free mediums are real but please keep in mind that most of the time they are not 100% free. The same goes for a free tarot reader or free fortune teller. 

There are indeed many psychics or other spiritual advisors of any kind, who offer some no cost answers or free readings but these are usualy some kind of trial readings or demo readings. Psychics offer these free consultations to show people that they are the real deal. That they are really capable of providing a honest and accurate psychic reading. There is no such thing as a 100% free psychic. You can get a short free psychic reading or some amount of free minutes with a psychic but after that you usually have to pay for another reading. 

Why do Psychics ask Money for Their Readings?

Why are psychics not free? Why do psychics and mediums ask money for the special gift that they received from god? Isn't the gift meant to be used to help others for free? They got the gift for free, so they should help other with it for free. That is also a question and statement that we heard a lot before. But we think the answer is obvious. Nobody likes to do his work for free all the time, right? And psychic work is also work. They should'nt have to provide their services for free. Giving a psychic reading costs valuable time, not to mention a lot of energy from the psychic reader. Imagine if you had psychic abilities yourself. Would you give people readings for free all day without getting anything in return? Chances are you wouldn't. Of course that is not strange at all. When you spend all your time on something you lose valuable time to spend on your family and loved ones. And you have to make a living of course. So doing free readings all day is just not an option even if you would like to. So, the same goes for a real psychic. They have to make a living also. 

Is a Free Psychic a Scam?

Many people believe that free psychics are a scam. That it is a way of enticing people to pay money for a more extensive reading. To a certain extent it is indeed true that it is a way to make people pay for a reading afterwards. But that doesn't mean a free reading is a scam. That could of course be the case, but it doesn't have to be. There are indeed websites that give people fake readings in which they foresee, for example, a big event. And if you want to know what that event is, you have to pay. Never fall for this. This is not how real mediums and psychics provide their demo readings! 

How to Recognize a Real Free Psychic or Free Medium

Fortunately, you can easily recognize real free psychic or a fake psychic.

A real psychic always starts with stating certain facts about you. So you can easily recognize yourself in this. 

  • They often name things from your past. Things and situations you went through and that were very important to you. These are very specific things.
  • They often know immediately how you feel and what is important to you and will then provide information about it. They name as many things about you as possible so that you know that they really connect with your energy. 
  • If a psychic only says vague things and does not mention clear facts about you, it is best to stay away from this reader. When he/she tells you that great things are about to happen but you have to pay first then also stay away. Real free readings are indeed to make you curious about what to expect for example in the nearby future but they are not meant to leave your with many questions and uncertainties. Eventhough, when a psychic reading is free, always check the psychic's reviews. Good psychic websites offer their costumers the oppertunity to leave a review after they have had a reading. So, always check that to see what people have to say about that specific psychic. 

Best Way to Contact a Free Psychic

The best way to get a free reading is probably online. The best chance is via an online chat rooms. You can also get some free minutes when calling a psychic. But you often talk to a psychic for free longer via online chat. 

In real life you will probably not find a psychic who is willing to do free readings. This is of course logical. There is more to it in real life. The psychic would then have to travel to come to you or he or she should would have receive you at their home or practice. 

Maybe at a fair you would have the chance to ask a free question but you just can't google a free psychic nearby. So, if you are interested in talking to a psychic or medium for free you will have to do with an online reading. The best thing about that is that you don't have to travel. You can talk to a real medium, fortune teller or tarot reader whenever, wherever. 

So, What do you Have to Know about Free Psychics?

  • Yes, free psychics can be real
  • Free psychics are (almost) never 100% free
  • Free psychics offer free readings as a sort of demo reading
  • Watch out for free scam readings
  • Eventhough a psychic is free, always see if you can find reviews of other costumers

Where Can you Find Them?

There are many websites who claim to provide free readings but most of the time they are really short readings. Nothing wrong with that, because there is a lot you can get to know in let's say 5 minutes. But we found a website that offers unlimited chat with free psychics. 

During this chat many psychics answer free questions and offer free readings. But when you sign up for an account and validate a credit card, you will also get 9,99 free credits for a free reading up to 10 minutes, depending or which reading you get.