Online psychic chat rooms - Best free and paid  psychic readings 2021

 Online psychic readings by chat, phone and email 

Psychic readings - Best paid and free online psychic chat rooms 

Are you like many other people looking for an accurate psychic reading online? Everyday many people search the internet and Google for the reliable psychics to help them with their problems or specific questions about love, work, relationships, health, money and much more. Via online psychic chat rooms you can get into contact with proven psychics, psychic mediums, fortune tellers, tarot readers, clairvoyants, astrologers and healers. But there is a lot to know about psychic chat rooms and what to expect from them. So, we are here to help you get clarity and advice on which chat to join and how to get the best free online psychic reading possible. So keep reading to get all the answers and information you need. And of course we will provide you with the top 3 best psychic chat websites based on our findings.

Is psychic chat for everyone?

It depends on your personal preference, but yes, it can be for everyone. It's for those who don't have the time to travel to go see a psychic, medium or fortune teller. Or for those who can't wait and need some clarity and guidance right away. Or maybe you find it hard to talk about personal problems in real life. Then psychic chat can be something to consider.

What exactly are online psychic chat rooms?

Nowadays more and more people turn to online chat rooms instead of visiting a psychic medium in real life. That's because chat readings have many benefits over real life readings. And for that reason they are becoming more popular by the day. Psychic chat rooms are really the future. You can talk to the best spiritual advisors from the comfort of your home without having to make an appointment. Psychic chat offers you the oppertunity to start a live online conversation at any time during the day or even at night. Some chat rooms even use live video chat to provide their readings. This way you can see exactly who you are chatting with. This makes the experience of getting an online reading even better. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer and ofcourse a stable internet connection. 

Benefits of psychic reading chat rooms

  • No need to leave your home anymore
  • You can talk to professional readers whenever, wherever without having to make an appointment
  • Wide variety of different readers with different skills and expertise
  • Often cheaper than a real life reading
  • You can choose how lang you want the reading to last
  • You can talk to multiple readers at one day if you feel like it
  • You can stay anonymous
  • A chance a free answers and free readings

What requirements should a good psychic chat website meet?

  • Good, reliable and strictly screened mediums and psychics
  • Affordable consultations
  • Many different readers with different talents and expertise
  • Easily accessible by phone, tablet and PC
  • Offer a good user experience
  • Different secure payment methods
  • Good customer service
  • Offer honest reviews from their costumers

Are there any disadvantages?

Sure, there are some things that people would see as a disadvantage but that is always disputable. Some may find things we listed below a disadvantage while others may think differenty about it. But these things are surely something to consider or think about when you are thinking about joining online psychic chat. 

  • The first one would be that not every psychic chat offers video readings. This means that you can't see who you are talking to. This could be a big disadvantage for many people. That being said if the reading is accurate and spot on it doesn't matter how the reader looks like. Most of the time the readers use their own picture at their profile so you know how he/she looks like beforehand. Some people could question if that is really the person who they are talking to. But the best psychic websites are genuine and only accept real pictures from their readers.
  • Not everyone is good with a computer so typing could go slowly. This could cost you valuable time and money if you are a real slow typer.
  • Some people may find it less personal to chat or video chat with a psychic and would prefer face to face contact. While others may find it more comfortable talking via online chat because it feels more comfortable and it is more anonymous.

Which psychic chat websites are the best?

We have tested a lot of websites and we have chosen a top 3 based on our findings. Of course we have mentioned before what requirements a good psychic chat website should meet. We have extensively researched and tried several websites and below we listed our final top 3.

Top 3 best psychic reading websites

#1 Oranum psychics

We have chosen Oranum as our number one because of the fact that have some great unique things to offer. Such as unlimited free chat, a chance at free readings during this chat and a free reading guaranteed when joining. 

There are many different psychic chat sites available at the moment. But Oranum seems to be the leading online spiritual community offering unlimited live video chat readings 24/7. They provide thousands of readings every month. 

They are also the only website at the moment that offers unlimited free video chat without further obligations. They claim to work with proven and screened readers from all over the world. This means that there are always psychics available who speak your native language. Their chat is also available for people from all around the world. All you need is a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. After a lot of research we have chosen this psychic reading website to be the best because it is unique and it has a lot to offer. Especially when you are looking for completely free chat or a totally free reading, Oranum is really worth your time, if you ask us. And it is definitely true, we have tried it, when you join their chat you can get a free answer in no time. 

What to expect of Oranum?

  • Unlimited free psychic chat
  • Free to join, no credit card needed
  • Live video chat / video call readings for an even better experience
  • Many different spiritual advisors with different skills and talents
  • Free horoscopes, psychic love readings, clairvoyant readings, spirit guides readings, medium readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, career readings, dream analysis, fortune readings, numerology readings
  • Readings start at $0,99 a minute
  • Many different payment options 
  • Great costumer support

Welcome offer : Free 10.000 credits when validating a credit card. Equilevant to $30. Good for a reading up to 15 minutes or even more. Depending on which reading you get.

#2 Keen psychics

We have rated Keen psychics as our number 2. Keen have been around sinds 1999 and has provided over 35 milllion readings at the moment. Their online readers are highly recommended by thousands of satisfied people worldwide. You can not only get a phone but you can also choose for a reading via live chat. At their website there are thousands of reviews from satisfied costumers. We have tried their psychics and got multiple readings at their website and were very surprised with the accuracy of their readers. 

What to expect of Keen psychics?

  • Highly talented psychic readers
  • Psychic chat,  psychic phone readings, email readings
  • Thousands of reviews from satisfied custumers
  • Free horoscopes, love readings, medium readings, tarot readings, astrology readings, psychic readings, other spiritual readings
  • Satisfaction guaranteed policy
  • Great customer support

Welcome offer : Get the first 3 minutes for free or get the first 10 minutes for $1,99

#3 Purple garden psychics

We have chosen Purple garden psychics as our number 3 because they are just so simple to use and straight to the point. Their psychics are very accurate and the website is very easy to use. The psychics rate per minute vary from $2,99 all the way up to $29,99. You can read many reviews of their psychics, and these are very positive. Of course we have tested some of the psychics ourselves and we were very pleased with the readings we have received. Accurate and insightful. Therefore Purple garden psychics is our number 3. Unfortunately untill this day their only payment method is paypal. 

  • Psychic phone readings
  • Live chat readings
  • Video call readings
  • Highy talented readers
  • Thousands of honest costumer reviews
  • Credit packages start at $15 (only paymend method is PayPal). Working on more payment options.

How does the free psychic chat work?

Free psychic chat rooms (Oranum) are not private. They are public chat rooms. So, most of the time there are other chatters present as well. You can start a chat at no cost right away even without registration. But then you have limited time to chat before they ask you to register.

You can talk to other people who are present in the room as well. All readers use live video chat and often a microphone to communicate. During a free chat you can ask the psychics about anything you want. But remember that the free chat is not for receiving free readings. Although the psychics are able to demonstrate their psychic ablities by answering free questions and offering free readings whenever they want to. During this no cost chat it's all up to the reader if he or she will offer some free answers. At any time during the public chat you can invite the psychic for a private reading (paid). When in a private reading you can choose to turn on your webcam and microphone as well. The free chat is for unlimited time and without further obligations. 

Is free psychic chat worth your time?

Yes, we have experienced that using the public chat rooms can definitely be worth your time if you are looking for some free answers. But keep in mind that you will probably not get a real extensive reading during a free public chat. This is because the psychics and other readers have to focus on many different people and usually they want to share their time equally amongst all people who are prestent in their chat room. So, if you are happy with a short answer to your question then yes we would recommend using the free chat rooms to get some clarity.

How to get some free answers

Let us explain how you can get some free answers fast. We have tried this ourselves and know this from our own experience. The more time you spend in the public chat rooms the bigger the chance at some free answers. Many psychics love to show you that they are genuine and really able to provide an accurate reading. Therefore they love to offer you some answers at no cost once in a while to prove to you that they are the real deal. Always be nice and polite and ask the psychic how he/she is doing.

Tips how to get an answer fast

  • Take your time to start a genuine converstation with a reader
  • Don't enter a chat room and demand a free question
  • Be respectful and patient
  • Try different public psychic chat rooms to see if there is a psychic who is already doing free readings
  • Get to know the readers on a personal level
  • Pay for a reading once in a while, if the psychic knows that you are a genuine client they will offer free questions even more often
  • Remember that every psychic is unique. If a psychic is not willing to give you a free answer then you can always try with another consultant

Join weekly demo readings

Oranum also offers scheduled demo readings. During a demo reading the psychic has the chance to demonstrate his or her abilities and answer some questions for free. Anybody can join the demo readings without further obligations. Just register an account and participate the demo readings as often as you like. There are 2 demo readings scheduled every week which you can participate at no cost.

What exactly are psychic readings for?

Psychic reading chat rooms
Psychic reading chat rooms

Although psychics and mediums are often contacted for making predictions about the future, psychic readings are really all about learning more about yourself and gaining insight and clarity about a certain situation and the lessons you have to learn in this lifetime. An accurate chat reading can help you to understand yourself more and answer important questions that are keeping you busy. In every situation there is a lesson that needs to be learned. Ones you understand what lesson that it is, you can then move forward in a positive way instead of getting stuck in the same situation over and over again. A professional reading can be a real gift to yourself because it can offer you the guidance and insight that will help you to make the right decisions in life.  

Pro's of a psychic reading

  • It offers you insight, guidance and advice
  • You can get a glimpse of the future
  • You can find out about things you normally wouldn't know about
  • When you are feeling depressed or hopeless then a psychic chat reading can help you feel more positive about the future
  • You can learn a lot about yourself or somebody else

What questions can you ask?

You can ask any question you may have in mind. But make sure that you understand that even the best psychic does not have all the answers. Psychics can only share with you the information that is given to them. 

Examples of questions you can ask a psychic

  • Is there anything I need to know?
  • What do I have to learn from this experience?
  • Will my ex and I get back together?
  • Will I get the job I want?
  • Does my partner still love me?
  • Will I get pregnant this year or anytime soon?
  • What can I expect in the nearby future?

Things to keep in mind when joining psychic chat

Always keep in mind that psychic readings are meant to help you. They are there to offer insight, clarity and guidance. But always rely upon your own common sense and use your own free will to make decissions in life. Psychics can advice you but you most always trust your own intuition. Although genuine websites try to screen their psychics as good as possible, they can't track everthing that a psychic tells his/her client. That's why we always keep telling our visitors to not only rely upon a psychic's advice or insight. It's your life, your choices. Use your common sense and always stay close to yourself.