Tarot card - What can they do for you?

Information about tarot cards

What are Tarot cards?

Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years to foretell the future and to gain insight in a person or situation. In order for the tarot to be of use to anyone, a professional and highly skilled tarot card reader is key. 

So what are tarot cards? It is a pack of cards used since the 15th century, essentially starting out as playing cards to play games such as Italian Torrichini. Since the 18th century the tarot has been used for what we mostly use it for today which is divination.  

Tarot cards are able to shed a light on your past, present and future. They provide us with important insights which help us better prepare for challenges and to make important decisions. When receiving a tarot card reading from an intuitive tarot card reader, you can ask questions about any subject or topic you want more information on. There are numerous different tarot decks a tarot card reader, fortune teller or medium can use when performing a tarot card reading.  

Most popular tarot decks

Because of its unique illustrations and practicality the Rider Waite Tarot created in 1909 is one of the most used decks on the planet. Other people are more drawn to the Crowley Tarot or the Crystal Visions Tarot. But it's not only tarot decks that are used during card readings. Oracle cards such a the Mrs. Lenormand cards and particular Angel cards are high on the list of people who are familiar with divination in the form of cards.

Major and Minor arcana

accurate love reading tarot
accurate love reading tarot

A tarot deck can be divided into two different groups called the Major and Minor Arcana. The minor Arcana forms 56 of the 78-card deck. The Minor Arcana exist out of four suites, each having 14 cards. Ten of which are referred to as Wands, Swords, Cups or Pentacles, all of them numbered from one(ace) to ten. The other four cards of each suit represent Kings, Queens, Knights or Pages. The last 22 cards form the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana cards, when used for tarot, are usually beautifully illustrated. The first card or better yet zero card of the Major Arcana is The Fool. Number one is called the Magician, number two The High Priestess and so on. The last card in the Major Arcana is number 21, also known as The World. This card usually represents a time of completion and fulfillment. When this card shows up in a reading and is referring to your future, it can definitely indicate you are about to feel whole and satisfied with the work you have done and all that you have accomplished. Even though the tarot deck comes with an explanation of the meaning of each card it is equally if not more important to connect the dots with all other cards that are drawn and surrounding the card that is being interpreted. All cards influence each other either in a positive or negative way. An experienced tarot card reader is able to determine the importance and influence of every card in a spread for they know by heart the exact meaning of every card and how to interpret them, whilst keeping the personal circumstances and or questions of the person receiving the reading in the back of their mind.

Different tarot card spreads/readings

Tarot cards can be used in the form of different spreads. Some spreads are more suitable for a specific topic than another, for example the Relationship spread is commonly used when one has questions about their current relationship because this spread allows the tarot card reader to draw cards for the person in question, his/her partner and the relationship. Other well-known spreads are the Cross and Triangle spread, the Celtic Cross spread, the Past-Present and -Future spread or the Ten card spread.

Tarot card for insights and advice

The tarot was not created to supply one with the answers to everything or the outcome of every situation. More importantly, it is used to steer a person in the right direction and to guide them towards fulfilling their inner most desires by foreseeing them of important information and a different, more positive or unique view of their current situation. The tarot can be best seen as a mirror to the soul and precious guiding tool towards a more happy and fulfilling life.

Can anyone use tarot cards?

Yes, everybody can use tarot cards. But like said before, it takes a lot of time to become a skilled tarot card reader. Tarot cards often come with a book with the meanings of each card. But to perform a real tarot reading you need to use your intuition as well. Your intuition helps you to understand the deeper meaning of the cards that show up during a reading. Most professional tarot readers have a very high developed intuition where they rely upon. They often also have other psychic abilities that are usefull when performing a tarot reading. 

Get a personal tarot card reading

If you are interested you can contact our online tarot card readers from free chat and professional online tarot readings. 

We also have a complete guide to learn the tarot yourself! Learn the difference between Tarot and Oracle cards and how you can practice to become a professional Tarot or Oracle card reader!