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A relationship tarot reading is a reading within the tarot regarding an existing relationship between two individuals. It is about exploring the energy, views and the needs of both people. There are many different spreads used in tarot readings. A specific reading about a certain topic can give us more detailed information than a general reading would. The relationship reading can be used to take a closer look at the current relationship and the dynamics between both parties. Showing their strengths and what they both bring to the table, the future of their relationship and addressing any conflict that raises certain questions. 

It is designed to analyze every relationship whether it is personal, romantic or business associated. Meaning the relationship reading is not only used for love relationships, but also sibling bonds, friendships, employees and any other relationship including two people. 

The tarot is one of the most popular and oldest divination tools around and has been used by many cultures throughout the centuries. It is not only a way of fortune telling, but is also providing us with advice and insights on various topics.  

The relationship tarot reading reveals exactly what is working for and against the relationship, what both people expect from each other, how to overcome obstacles and whether or not these expectations can be met.

There are countless ways to use the relationship tarot reading, usually consisting out of five to twelve cards. Every card and its position have a different meaning. The relationship reading also consists out of three elements. Yourself, the other person and the relationship. It is important to focus on the question and the people involved while shuffling the cards. The first card or cards that are drawn within the relationship reading refer to the querent and his/her views of the other person. Also representing their goals, fears and wishes for the relationship. The next cards talk about the other person within the relationship and their view of the querent. Also representing their goals, fears and wishes for the relationship and its future. The other two to four cards which will be drawn from the deck show the obstacles and strengths of the current relationship between the two individuals. The last card shows the end result or likely outcome of the situation, relationship or conflict.

If you would like to know whether you should take your relationship to the next level, what your family and friends think about the relationship, if you are likely to stick together or if you will work out your differences then the relationship tarot reading is most suitable for you.

A lot of different decks can be used when consulting the relationship spread. The most popular decks are the Rider Waite Tarot and The Crowley Thoth. All readings are different and unique.

Every relationship goes through changes and evolves over time. Sometimes we might not have the answer to every question, we face difficulties or we might even have an important decision to make. That is when a relationship tarot reading can be very useful. It is a fun and informative way to gain more insight and a clear understanding about your relationships. Reading the cards requires some knowledge and a good intuition. That is why most people choose to have their cards read by a professional tarot reader or medium. They spend most of their time interpreting the cards and learning more about the tarot, including their psychic abilities they are able to provide us with exact and detailed information.

Tarot relationship reading
Tarot relationship reading

A relationship tarot reading gives a broad understanding of the relationship and its complexities. It allows you to discover each others fears, hopes and desires. The tarot is a powerful tool that helps the universe be more able to bring issues or concerns to our attention that we were not aware of yet. Bringing that which is in our subconscious mind to the surface, where we can be more aware of our thoughts, actions and feelings, which in turn helps us to overcome personal issues and make positive changes in our attitude and behavior.

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