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Numerology is the study of numbers and how they impact our lives and personality. Today we know everything in the universe is energy and has its own vibrational frequency and so do numbers. Every number has a value that sends off a different vibrational frequency. Numerology can be used to predict a person's future and to get a good sense of their character. History teaches us that numerology is mostly based on the ideas of the famous mathematician Pythagoras. Most numerologists will add numbers until they are left with a single digit number. But there are different methods numerologist use to create a numerlogy profile. 

We use numbers on a daily basis, they are part of our everyday reality and hold significant meaning to every individual. Whether it is your shoe size, phone number, password, bank account number, house number, social security code, date of birth or clothing size, you name it. The idea behind numerology is that everything has an energetic profile or fingerprint, even you. Every letter in your birth name has a numerical value. 

You might hear your name roughly 20 times a day. It is you, it resonates with you. The vibrational energy pulsates and attracts exactly what your name stands for. There are people who have willingly changed their own name in order to attract their biggest desires. The numerical value of the letters in a person's name is also key to get a good sense of how they are like.

A numerology profile is created using your full name and date of birth. An experienced numerologist is able to set up your numerology profile which shows different numbers including your life path number, your personality number, your lucky number, your compatibility number, your destiny number and so on. A compatibility report is created using the life path number of both individuals in a relationship, whether they are romantically involved, friends or family and shows the strengths and weaknesses of the connection as well as future developments. Numerology has a long history. In places as India, Greece and Egypt numerology has been used for ages. The key numbers for this type of divination are 1-10 while the master numbers are considered to be 11, 22 and in some cases 33.

Your life path number

Your life path number is probably the most influential aspect in your numerology profile. Your personal life path number gives you an indication of your life's purpose and the challenges and obstacles that will play an important role for you. Your life path number is calculated using your date of birth. Your number could be any of the following numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 or 22. For example, people who walk their life path by the number 9 are considered to be one of the most interesting people. The love they have to offer is endless and they offer it to anyone. They are humanitarian in the sense of not seeing the difference between a lifelong friend or person they have just met. Nines are tolerant and can't stand injustice. They also have a strong sense of morality. People walking their life path by the number 22 are prone to achieving extreme success. They are powerful, ambitious, disciplined and bold. They have all the attributes one needs to turn their dreams into reality. Twenty-two's have great discipline and a highly developed intuition.

Numerology reading

A professional numerologist can give you a numerology reading and tell you all about your life path number, the meaning of your house number and so on. They can even create a full numerology report. A full numerology reading/report reveals your deepest desires, tells you about your karmic lessons and uncovers what will happen in your future. Maybe you are thinking about buying a car, a new house, switching jobs, etc. A numerology report shows which day or days are best for you to make these kind of transactions. Recurring numbers in your numerology report give important clues and shed a light on your current circumstances. It also recommends negative tendencies to avoid and what positive attributes would be best to emphasize. Some people may find that particular numbers keep popping up in their everyday lives, not knowing how to act on it or what to think of it. A numerology reading could bring more clarity and tell you what those specific numbers are trying to bring to your attention. Numerology has proven to be very helpful in the department of spiritual growth, especially when it comes to discovering your purpose in life.

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