The meaning of the numbers 0-9

Meaning of numbers - numerology

The single digit numbers 1-9 are the actual foundation of numerology. Every number has its own importance, strength and personality. It also has a positive and negative characteristic and each number is associated with a different Tarot card and aspect of Astrology. With the help of Numerology we can define a certain personality or at least a number of traits of an individual, which we can describe as life path numbers.

What is my personality number? 

You can calculate your own personality number. If you are born on the 1st, 2nd, 3th, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th it's really easy, that day is your personality number. If you are born on any day after the 9th like the 10th, 11th etc, you add up the first number with the second. For example if you were born on the 26th, you add up 2 + 6 =8. In that case, 8 is your personality number.

The meaning of the numbers in Numerology
The meaning of the numbers in Numerology

Numerology meaning of the numbers 1-9

Number 1: The primal force

Astrology: Mercury
Tarot: The Magician

The number one represents the beginning. It is the number from which all other digits spring forth. Number one is powerful, aggressive and a necessary force for creation. Number one personalities are usually strong leaders. They are assertive, stubborn and ambitious. 

Repetition of the number 1 indicates important changes, a ''wake up call'', spiritual awakening, and it is always a confirmation that you are on the right path. 

Number 2: The all-knowing

Astrology: The moon
Tarot: The High Priestess

Number two is gentle, forgiving and sympathetic. Number two is associated with art and grace. Among them you find many great artists. Number two is feminine, she is sensual, a drama queen and the power behind the throne. 

Repetition of the number 2 in your life could very well mean that you should hang on a little longer, things will get better soon.

Number 3: The Creative Child

Astrology: Venus
Tarot: The Empress

Those with a life path number of three are described to be very social, creative and easy going people. These are optimistic and extremely generous souls. People are drawn to them because they know how to enjoy life to the fullest. 

When number three is around a lot, it could mean that love is around the corner.

Number 4: The salt of the earth

Astrology: Aries
Tarot: The Emperor

The number four is the number of faith. Keywords here are trustworthy, traditional , average and patient. Those with a life path number of four are down to earth and reliable. Number four puts all the pieces together and builds. There is no one better than a number four if you need someone to rely on.

Number 5: A dynamic force

Astrology: Taurus
Tarot: The Hierophant

Number five is most dynamic of all single digit numbers. This force is constantly in need of change. Being associated with this numbers means you are adventurous. You happily take risks and get bored easily. Number fives can easily adapt but is constantly fighting for freedom.

Number 6: The caretaker

Astrology: Gemini
Tarot: The Lovers

Number six often appears when we deal with anxiety and fear. Having this number as your life path number could indicate that you are a sacrificing, healing and protective power. Is the number of fertility. There is no number without weaknesses or faults but number 6 is the most stable and harmonious of all.

Number 7: The philosopher

Astrology: Cancer
Tarot: The Chariot

The thinker, the mystery, the seeker of truth. Constantly reading between the lines. Number sevens do not take things as they come but are always in search for the underlying meaning. Keywords are intellect, low-self-esteem, illusions. Number seven is an introverted energy.

Number 8: Balance and power

Astrology: Leo
Tarot: Strength

Number eight screams authority, business, drive, money, ambition and etc. Character traits are discipline, control, leadership skills, power and aggression. Number eight is also honest and forgiving. Number eight is the combination of two worlds; the material and the spiritual. Number eight has to learn that balance is key. Those with a life path number eight are in need of success.

Number 9: Global awareness

Astrology: Virgo
Tarot: The Hermit

The number 9 is the most sophisticated of all single digit numbers. It is consciousness and connection. This number understands our world on a deeper level. A number nine person is usually considered to be an 'old soul'. Their intuition is highly developed and they are usually well educated. Materialistically speaking, their house and wardrobe reflect their inner personality.

Number  0

Last but not least we discuss number zero. This number is often not considered in Numerology but it should be and here is why:

Number 0: The Nothing

The number 0 stands for nothing, a void, an emptiness but also for the circle, the alpha and the omega, the never ending loop. Without the number 0 we would not have a 1. Remove the number 0 or 1 and we would not have a future, at least not in technology. We find this single digit in the number 10 or 20 and so forth. Number zero is the Chameleon, it is infinity and wholeness.

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