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Learning the Tarot - Tarot course for beginners

Welcome to our online Tarot course for beginners! Are you interested in learning the Tarot and maybe also in learning how to read Lenormand cards? Than you have come to the right place! But let us first start off by saying that everybody can learn the Tarot but not everyone will be equally as good. You can learn the meanings of the cards but to really become a professional Tarot reader you must also have a strong developed intuition in order to understand what the cards are telling you. Some fortune telling cards are easier to understand then others. But, we will tell you all about it! 

Why Tarot and Oracle cards are a great tool for enriching your life

Tarot cards and Oracle cards are the most popular divination tool used by not only psychics and fortune tellers but also by regular people who are looking for guidance and insight. In the past many people thought that Tarot cards were evil and should not be played around with. 

Unfortunately nowadays there a still people who feel that way about Tarot cards. But Tarot cards are for from evil. They are a tool to connect with the Universe, your higher self, Angels and spirit guides. You can even connect with passed loved one through Tarot and Oracle cards.   

Tarot cards can guide you when you are feeling lost. They can offer you insight when you are stuck and are not sure what step to take next. They can offer hope and give you advice on situations that are most important for you at this time. 

Tarot cards can enrich anybody's life because they can be like a true friend that is there for you when you need them most. 

Can anybody become a Tarot reader?

Anybody can become a Tarot reader because there are great Tarot books out there with detailed descriptions of the cards. But some people have the natural gift to read Tarot and oracle cards Intuitively. Everybody can buy a Tarot deck, Angel card deck or Lenormand deck and draw cards for themselves or others but reading the description in the book that comes with the cards does not make you a professional Tarot reader. You have to practice a lot and have to have a natural gift or highly developed intuition to understand the cards intuitively.  Not everybody can do that. Yes, you can learn and become better but it's just like playing the piano, some people are naturally talented and others may practice day and night but will never become as good as the person with the natural gift. 

But, even if you do not have a natural gift or a highly developed intuition you can still receive guidance and answers by using Tarot cards. The Tarot books are made for everyone! So that anybody can become a Tarot reader and benefit from the great help and guidance they offer!

Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Lenormand cards and Angel cards

There is a huge difference between Tarot cards, Lenormand cards Oracle cards, and Angel cards. The fun thing is, you can use all the cards together during a reading. 

About Tarot cards

A traditional Tarot card deck has 78 cards and they are all easy to understand. There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana en 56 cards in the Minor Arcana. Tarot cards represent different experiences and situations we all go through in life. You can do proper Tarot readings by just using the meanings in the book. Tarot cards are read individually unlike Lenormand cards. Tarot cards can also have reversed meanings when they are drawn upside down. Not all Tarot readers prefer to use reversed meanings during a reading. You can decide for yourself if you want to use them or not. 

There a many different Tarot card decks available. There are very simple decks with simple illustrations but also very detailed decks which display events and situations which are often easy to understand. The Tarot deck tells a story beginning at card number 0 which is The Fool in the traditional card deck. But the cards can have different names in other Tarot decks. Although they have different names and images the overall meaning of the cards stay the same. In some Tarot decks there are additional cards added to the deck. 

About Lenormand cards

Lenormand cards information
Lenormand cards information

Lenormand cards are Oracle cards as well but we will mention them here separately because they are so popular. The Lenormand card deck has 36 cards. The cards are straight forward and very popular among beginners because it is said that the cards are easy to use. But unfortunately many people read the Lenormand cards to literally and therefore the readings are not accurate. Lenormand cards can have many different meanings in different situations. 

There are books specially for Lenormand cards who offer detailed descriptions for the card combinations. Lenormand cards can give very detailed and specific information. They are wellknow and very popular because of their accurate future predictions.

About Angel cards

Angel cards information
Angel cards information

Angel card decks are the easiest to understand. Angel cards have very uplifting and positive messages. All you have to do is see how the card relates to the question you have in mind. It's as simple as that. Angel card reading is a very fun way to connect with the Angels. You can just read the descriptions in the book or you could connect with the Angels personally to receive information. but you also have to have some psychic abilities or strong developed intuition to receive personal messages from The Angels. Anybody can understand and read Angel cards but professional Angel card readers will get a lot more detailed information during an Angel card reading. 

About Oracle cards

The same goes for most Oracle cards. They come with a book with descriptions of the cards which you can easily understand. But not all Oracle cards are the same. Some can only be read using your intuition, like the Lenormand Oracle cards. But it goes for all fortune telling cards, you can use the description in the book, if there is a book, or read the cards intuitively. Oracle card decks can have any of amount cards. Some have 36 and others may have 50 cards or more. 

If you are totally new with reading cards we would recommend to start with learning the Tarot.   Maybe you do not like Tarot cards or Angel cards at all and you just want to learn how to read Lenormand cards. That's fine too. You should do what feels good to you, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to learning Tarot or Oracle card reading.

How to choose which deck to buy?

There are so many different Tarot, Oracle and Angel card decks available that it can become very overwhelming to choose between all of them. It is best to first decide if you prefer a Tarot deck, Oracle deck or an Angel card deck. Once you have made that decision you can have a look at all the different decks they offer. Look the cards up on the internet or search on youtube to really see if the cards are what you expect them to be. Do you want to connect with Angels? Than Angel cards would be best. Are you looking for specific and detailed answers and predictions? Than you should consider Lenormand cards, but they can be difficult to read. Are you looking for guidance and insights? Than Tarot or Oracle cards would be the best choice. 

Popular Tarot decks

  • Rider Waite Tarot
  • Aleister Crowley Toth Tarot 
  • Shadowscapes Tarot
  • Deviant Moon Tarot
  • Gaian Tarot 
  • Wildwood Tarot 

Popular Oracle decks

  • Lenormand Gilded Reverie Oracle
  • Fairy Lenormand Oracle
  • The Psychic Tarot Oracle 
  • The Tarot of the heart Oracle 
  • Goddess Guidance Oracle
  • The Enchanted Map Oracle

Popular Angel card decks

  • Angel Therapy Oracle cards (Doreen Virtue)
  • Daily Guidance from your Angels (Doreen Virtue)
  • Angel Prayers Oracle 
  • Angel Tarot cards (Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine)
  • Archangel Michael Oracle (Doreen Virtue)

But there are of course many more card decks to choose from. Choose the deck -which you feel most attracted to. If you feel attracted to the cards you will most likely feel comfortable using them. When choosing a Tarot deck it is important to look at the illustrations and the colors that are used in the deck. But when choosing an Angel card deck it is also very important to have a look at the messages that are on the cards and in the book. With Angel cards, the messages are often taken literally and therefore it is important that you feel comfortable with the messages. Some Angel cards are extremely positive and others can be very fairy tale like. Some Angel cards are only about healing (Archangel Rafael) while others cover many topics in life.

Learning the meaning of Tarot and Oracle cards

The first thing you should do to really understand the meaning of your Tarot or Oracle cards is to look at each card and study them individually. Really look at the card and the illustration. Try to find out what the card is telling you. Use your intuition. There is no right or wrong here. The meaning of the card can be different for each person. Also take a look at the meaning of the card in the book which you received with the deck. You do not have to follow the meanings in this book but they can give you some suggestions. The most important thing is that you follow your own intuition and that you trust it to be right. Do not doubt yourself. When you doubt yourself you can not give an accurate reading. You have to learn to trust yourself. Your intuition will get stronger and stronger with every reading, so try to practice a lot. You can draw cards for yourself but it is best to practice for others. When drawing cards for yourself your ego could be the reason why you are not understanding the cards or why you are reading them wrong. 

Some people start of with learning all meanings of the cards by using the book and during a reading they will use only the meanings from the book. There is nothing wrong with that because the meanings in the book are of course always accurate. But when using your intuition during a reading you will get even more information. Some people do not read the meanings in the book at all and they only use their intuition during a reading. 

That is tricky of course, because intuition is not the same as guessing the meaning of the card. And that is the difference between a card reader and a good card reader. A good card reader is able to get a lot of accurate information by using just his/her intuition (or other psychic abilities). A bad card reader is someone who does not use his intuition but guesses what the cards are trying to say. You can only find out if you are a good card reader by practicing. Do not think that it is bad to only use the meanings in the book when you just start learning to read Tarot or Oracle cards. When you feel comfortable doing readings with only the meaning in the book try to add a little bit of your own interpretation to the readings to see if you are accurate. Do not overthink and do not make it difficult. Try to feel what the card is telling you. You may even hear words in you mind or you get a gut feeling about something. Trust it and dare to say what you feel or hear. Do not be ashamed to get it wrong. If you do not say it you will never know if you where getting accurate information. Even the best of us have made some mistakes while learning. Of course you can also let the person who is receiving the reading know that you are a beginner and that you all still practicing. 

Learning the meaning of Lenormand cards

Many Lenormand card readers say that Lenormand cards are the easiest cards to read because of the ''easy to understand images'' on the cards. For example, the cards portrait images such as : a dog, a house, a flower, a child, a woman, a man, a book, fish and a key. These are indeed easy to understand but they can mean many different things in different situations. A key can really mean ''a key'', but it can also mean that a solution will be found soon or the key and the flower for example can mean that a present will make everything right. Lenormand cards can be read individually and together. It is all up to the card reader to understand how the cards must be read. And therefore it is our opinion that the Lenormand cards are the most difficult cards to read, especially for beginners. If you just start learning lenormand cards it is really recommended to start with a daily one card reading. See what the card was trying to tell you. When you practice a lot you will find out all the meanings for the individual cards. When you have practiced the one card reading than you can start to practice putting 2 cards together. You can write all the meanings that come to mind in a book so that you will not forget. Even after years of using Lenormand cards you can still find out new meanings for the cards. 

The most important thing is to trust your intuition. There are no rules  for you how to know which cards you should read together and which ones can be read separately. If you do a 6 card reading with Lenormand cards it can be a struggle to find out how to read the cards. 

If you really want to be a professional Lenormand card reader it is recommended that you work on your intuition. You can do that with meditation or you could follow a course. Lenormand card readers develop their own ways of reading the cards. These ways are developed intuitively. You do not start of being a great lenormand card reader, you have to become one, with lots of practice. The better your intuition is the quicker you will learn. It can take years for you to master Lenormand card reading. Do not be hard on yourself, keep it fun. It is best for you to practice doing Lenormand card readings for others. Lenormand cards are very hard to read for yourself. Even the best lenormand card readers do not draw the cards for themselves. Practice for friends and family on a daily basis if you can. When you will master Lenormand card reading you will be able to give great guidance and do very accurate and specific predictions regarding any topic in life. 

How to practice Tarot reading

3 card Tarot spread
3 card Tarot spread

It is best to start of with learning to do a one card reading. Take a question mind or leave it open and concentrate on the cards. You can do a prayer or ask your guides or Angels to assist you and help you to receive clear answers and insights. Some people like to meditate or light a candle before doing a reading. 

It doesn't matter how you shuffle the cards, just do what feels right to you. Shuffle until you feel like it is enough or you can even take a number in your mind and shuffle that amount and the take the card that is on top of the pile. There is no rule how to shuffle. You can choose to shuffle the cards yourself or you can give them to the person who is receiving the reading and let him/her shuffle the cards. 

Celtic Cross Tarot spread
Celtic Cross Tarot spread

it is important to set the intention to draw the right card. Try to practice a one card reading as much as you can. Do a one card reading everyday for yourself or a friend or family member to really get familiar with the cards. Practice a 1 card reading as long as you need to fully know the meanings of the Tarot cards or Oracle cards. See what information you get when looking at the cards. Are the words coming to mind or do you get a feeling when looking at the cards? Do you notice small details in the card? All these things can be important during a Tarot reading. 

The next step is to try a 2 card reading. When using the Lenormand cards try to understand what the 2 cards mean when you put them together. Do the card reading in the morning and ask the cards to give you some information for the day. Try to understand what the cards are telling you and then you can see by the end of the day if you were right about it. 

When you feel like you master the 2 card reading, try a 3 card reading and so on. There are many different card spreads which you can practice. 

Different Tarot card spreads 

There are many different card spreads and they can all be used during a reading. Some spreads are for specific topics and other can give you information for a month, 6 months or even a year. You can even make up your own spreads. It does not matter as long as you keep in mind what the positions of the cards mean to you. 

Popular tarot spreads

For example we will use the words Tarot spread, but the spreads can also be done with Oracle cards en some even with Angel cards. 

  • One card reading
  • Past, present, future spread (3 cards)
  • Celtic Cross spread (Detailed reading with 10 cards)
  • 6 months spread (6 cards, each for 1 month)
  • 12 months spread (12 cards, 1 for each month)
  • The love spread (Often with 6 cards)
  • The career path spread (7 cards)
  • The grand Tableau ( Using all cards in the deck)

Popular Angel card spreads

  • One card reading
  • 3 card reading (past, present future)

There are no rules when using Tarot cards

When learning the Tarot you should know that there are no rules. You should only do what feels good to you. The things we mention here are only guidelines, no rules. Some people say it is important not to let other people touch your cards or you should always clean the cards afterwards. But to our experience that is no rule either. Again, do what feels good to you. 

Tips and advice for beginning Tarot readers

We already talked about not having to give your own meaning to every Tarot card. With reading Tarot cards most people just use the meanings in the book. But, with Lenormand cards this can't be done. Lenormand cards are for professional card readers. They are really nice cards if you love to practice reading cards with your intuition. They are not like Tarot cards who are read separately. When drawing more then 1 card, Lenormand cards must be put together in order to understand them. In a lenormand cards description book you can often find many examples of descriptions but when laying the cards you will notice that it is very difficult to find out which cards you should put together, especially with the Grand Tableau spread. 
Tips when learning the Tarot
Tips when learning the Tarot

When you have just bought a new Tarot deck, try them make them your own. Clean the cards with white sage or say a prayer over them. Let the Universe know that your genuine and that you will only use the cards for peoples highest good. This maybe sounds a bit weird to you but it will definitely help you to get a good connection with the cards.

Before you start a reading make sure you are grounded and that you have a connection with the Universe. Your guides and Angels are always willing to help you, so ask them! Let them know that you would appreciate their help and guidance. Also always thank them afterwards. You can ground yourself with a simple mediation or breathing exercise. Visualize roots growing out of your feet into the earth. Visualize that there is red energy moving from the earth into your roots and than into your first chakra, located at the base of your spine. You do not have to do this for minutes, 20 or 30 seconds will do. 

Also make sure that your connection with the Universe is clear and that your 7th chakra is open. Visualize a flower on the top of your head, this is the place of your 7th chakra. Visualize the flower opening and a violet light coming out of it and shining straight into Universe. This is your connection with your Guides and Angels. 

Pay attention to everything you think or feel during a Tarot reading. Try to find our if and how they are connected with the reading.

Try out a couple of Tarot, Oracle and Angel card decks. You may like some more then others. Maybe you have bought a deck that you do not like so much. You can try another deck to see if you feel more comfortable using them. The more comfortable you feel, the more accurate the reading will be. 

Understanding Tarot cards
Understanding Tarot cards

You do not have to be a professional Tarot reader! If you only want to read the cards for yourself or maybe some friends than you can also just use the meanings in the book. Sometimes that is even better when reading for yourself because your ego won't get in the way. Do not think that these meanings are not accurate. The Universe knows if you go by your own interpretation or if you go by the meanings in the book. If you go by the meaning in the book that is totally okay. You will receive the card that is meant for you or the person who is receiving the reading. The meaning in the book will be accurate! You do not have to try to give your own meaning to the cards. Some Tarot readers like to use just the meanings in the book. They can give some real good information and guidance. But it all depends up on the book you have. If you did not get a good book with the cards than just buy a new one. There are many to choose from. Some people prefer a book with only keywords for the cards and others prefer a full description for each card. 

Do not always take everything the cards says to literally. Try to find out what resonates with you or the person who is receiving the reading. Most of the time this will be easy to understand. Some books have a long description, not all things mentioned in the description applies to you. 

Do not get scared of the answers the cards are giving. Tarot cards and Oracle cards are not meant to scare you! They are for giving insight and guidance. When you get a negative card it does not mean that the world is going to end :). Most of the time it is just a warning that something is not right. Do not get scared and think something bad is going to happen. You will see that it is not as bad as you thought it was. 

Use Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards together

Put Tarot and Oracle cards together
Put Tarot and Oracle cards together

Did you know that you can use more then 1 card deck during a reading? If you really want a complete card reading you can use more then 1 deck to get even more detailed information. Many people like to end a Tarot reading with an Angel card. This way you can end the reading in a positive way. Angel cards offer great advice and guidance and are therefore really great for ending a reading with Tarot cards or Oracle cards. If you have 2 or 3 favorite decks, feel free to use them together. So for example, you can use the Rider Waite Tarot with the Lenormand Oracle cards and a beautiful Angel card deck from Doreen Virtue. 

You can even mix Doreen Virtues Angel cards together, So you have more Angel cards in one deck. You can also mix different Oracle card decks together. Again, there are no rules!

Can you pick the wrong card during a reading?

Can you pick a wrong card during a reading? Our answer to that question is : Due to the law of attraction you will choose the card that is meant for you. The Universe, your guides and Angels will make sure you receive the right card.  Especially when your connection with them is strong. Therefore you want to make sure that you are connected before starting a reading. You can do that with the meditation we mentioned before.

But, we would like to advice you to not do a reading if you feel tired, angry, upset or when you are experiencing any other negative feeling. This could result in you choosing the wrong card because of your low vibration. Your connection and vibration is best when you are feeling happy and when your energy level is up. So try to avoid doing readings when you feel otherwise. In that case you could easily interpret the cards wrong or in fact choose a wrong card to begin with. 

Can you predict the future with Tarot cards?

Yes, Tarot cards and other fortune telling cards can be used to predict the future. That being said, they are best used for guidance, advice and insight. The cards prefer to guide you rather then just give you a plain yes/no answer to all your questions. Also many things are not yet to be revealed to you. The cards can predict your future but they will not always do so. 

Only a highly intuitive or psychic tarot reader is able to do detailed future predictions. Most books do not really mention future predictions but they offer guidance and advice.

Especially Lenormand cards are a great divination tool to predict detailed future events, but we like said before you have to have some psychic abilities or a strong intuition to really understand the cards. Tarot cards, Angel cards and Oracle cards can also predict future events but it all depends up on the reader how accurate and detailed those predictions will be. The more professional the card reader is the more accurate and detailed the readings will be. 

How to formulate the question during a reading?

You can ask all sorts of questions during a Tarot or Oracle card reading. But it is always best to formulate the question in a way that the cards can provide you insights and guidance rather than a yes/no answer. It could be that you ask a yes/no question but the card will not give you a plain yes/no answer. This means that the answer is not to be revealed yet, or is not for your highest good. If you do not understand the answer, try to formulate the question in another way.

  • How does my partner think about me?
  • What can I do to make the relationship better?
  • Will I get the job I applied for?
  • Will my finances soon get better?
  • Is there anything I need to know about my relationship?
  • Will I be successful in my job?
  • Will I get pregnant?

Not all yes/no questions will get a straight forward answer. Lenormand cards are known to give the most detailed answers. Also negative cards lean to a ''no'' and positive cards to a ''yes''. 

The more you practice the more you will learn the best way is to formulate the questions in order to get the best answer. 

Keep practicing to become a better Tarot reader

The more you practice the better you will become with trusting your intuition. Have fun while learning, do not try to force answers that the cards are not giving you. You will receive all the answers that you need, that are only for your highest good. Nothing that is not meant to be revealed yet will get revealed, not even with Tarot cards. Tarot cards are especially for guidance not to foretell your whole future. Always be genuine and fair, than the cards will be a great tool to guide you through life helping you to make better and wiser decisions and to live a more fulfilling life! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about learning the Tarot. 

Ask a professional Tarot reader for help

For even more tips and advice when learning the Tarot you can contact our professional online tarot readers for a free chat!