Which divination tools can be used to contact the spirit world?

ouija board divination tool
ouija board divination tool

There are different divination tools that can be used in order to contact the spirit world. Many people use these methods to connect with their spirit guides or even lost loved ones. You do not always have to make use of a divination tool to contact the spirit world. Some people have the ability to channel or they have other psychic abilities which allow them to receive messages from spirit. 

The most popular and well-know divination tools are:

Tarot cards

Through tarot cards, our spirit guides are able to send us messages. Messages about our past or our future or even specific things we ask them about. Sometimes they have important messages for us that can keep us from doing something that is not for our higher good or that could steer us into the right direction.

Ouija board

Ouija is a divination tool used most when trying to contact the spiritual world. It is also one of the most well-known. The board can be round or square and the letters of the alphabet are written or carved on the outer ends. The numbers zero to nine are in the center of the board. By using a small tool, that easily glides across the board to spell words or sentences, it is possible to ask questions to our spirit guides or lost loved ones. 

Crystal ball

A crystal ball can also be used to make a connection with our spirit guide or guides. Although you most likely won't see exact words or full sentences, in most cases visions will be shown to the person using the crystal ball.

Crystal balls are often used when we would like our spirit guide to show us something like a past event or a future event in order to gain clarity about a particular situation. By using the crystal ball, our spirit guides can have the ability to show us important things that can help us in our everyday lives. Maybe you are not sure about something in particular, in this case the crystal ball can be very useful as your spirit guide can use it to show you why or why not you should take action on it.

Divining rods

Divining rods, also known as drowsing rods, are typically used to ask spirits 'yes' or 'no' questions. It is believed that drowsing rods act as a conductor of hidden energy. Most of us know that ghosts and spirit guides are made up out of energy which means that, in theory, the divining rods could be used as a medium. Drowsing rods are one of the least used methods of divination because they mainly give 'yes' or 'no' answers. 

Rune stones

Rune stones divination tool
Rune stones divination tool

The word Rune actually means whisper or secret. Runes are a set of 24 stones with symbols on it and one blank stone. Every symbol has a different meaning. The rune stones can be used by asking your spirit guide a question and placing the stones before you. There are different ways the runes can be placed in order for you to read them. It is important to educate yourself a bit more to see what placing method works best for you.

Which divination tool should you choose?

Which divination tool works best for you is something you should try to find out yourself. Most people are attracted to tarot cards or oracle cards but other divination tools are worth trying as well. Always educate yourself before using the tool. The ouija board is a divination tool that is often portrayed to be evil or dangerous. But when used in a right way, with respect, the ouija board is no more dangerous then the other divination tools. It is just a way to receive messages from the spirit world. Why would a ouija board be more dangerous channeling or using tarot cards to talk to spirit? It is all the same, you invite the spirit world to connect with you and to give you answers and insights. There is nothing wrong with that because we are always connected with them. But when using a tool we are connecting with them on a different level because we are really aware of the connection.

You should never be afraid of connecting with spirit because they love nothing more then to guide and help us during our lives on Earth.