Spirituality - What does it mean?


Spirituality can be interpreted in many different ways. In general it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. It realigns our sense of self with something we might not ever imagined was within us.

A lot of people feel the need to develop themselves on a spiritual level. We like to achieve inner growth with a result of leading a happy and fulfilling life. We all want to know why we were send to earth and what our purpose is in life.

Through spirituality we are able to achieve a feeling of great satisfaction and knowing. Spirituality has much to do with finding this sense of peace and purpose. When we evolve spiritually we come to understand that life teaches us lessons and challenges us in all sorts of ways. These lessons are brought to us in order to learn and grow. We are allowed to make mistakes and we will not be punished for our sins.

The key is in knowing that our souls are infinite and that we are all connected. The main things we seek in life are love and acceptance, not only from our friends and family but most of all ourselves. We are all on a spiritual journey whether we are aware of it or not.

 Every individual is a spiritual being. It is not something we become, but rather what we already are. We have a choice in whether we consciously want to practice it or not and when we become more aware of it we may realize it is something very precious. We connect to our spiritual self when we are aware of the present moment and simply be. Spirituality is about the body, mind and spirit. When these three are in balance we notice positive change in our lives.

We all want to be happy and we all know happiness comes from within. Spirituality is not necessarily connected to any kind of religion. People who are considered by others as spiritually developed often come across as kind and loving. They seem wise and show a deep concern for others and the world at large.

How to practise Spirituality

To develop ourselves more on a spiritual level there a countless things we can do on a daily basis. Some people like to meditate or practice yoga. This is a great way to get in touch with our higher selves. Through meditation we are also able to find answers within. Art or even long walks and prayers are more ways to achieve a higher awareness.

Connecting with nature makes us feel more peaceful and secure. Healthy nutrition also helps us a great deal in feeling balanced and gives us an overall sense of wellbeing. Nowadays we can take spiritual classes as these become more common every day. A sense of oneness can be felt through spirituality and lot of people like sharing thoughts and ideas in group activities.

There are a few things we should keep in mind when practicing spirituality. It is important to understand that forgiveness is necessary. Forgiving ourselves and others for past mistakes is essential in becoming the best version of ourselves. When we hold grudges it will only harm us and will not help us for the greater good. It is also important to be honest and fair. We can always make mistakes but we should do so with and open mind and heart. Our actions need not hurt anyone, including ourselves. Compassion towards all living beings is no luxury we can't afford. When we awaken more on a spiritual level we notice a lot of changes. The way we look at the world and ourselves changes, we worry less and we feel a profound need to make this world a better place. We become aware of old negative habits and lose our interest in all forms of conflicts. Our willingness to give love and not expecting anything in return becomes far greater.

Every day we can try to lead a better life and help our souls grow, to be more caring and understanding. To love more and to be thankful to simply be alive. Remember, you are greater and more powerful than you ever held possible.

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