What are Spirit Guides

What is a spirit guide?
What is a spirit guide?

We have all heard of them before but what exactly are spirit guides? It is a topic many people are extremely interested in. Spirit guides are beings that are assigned to us before we are born. Their job or task is to guide us through life and help us fulfill our prime purpose on earth. 

The number of spirit guides a person has can vary from one up to more than a few at a time. Your main spirit guide will stay with you throughout your entire life and is always around you. Others will only check up on you from time to time to help you in specific area's or with certain challenges you are facing. There is also a definite variation in their level of consciousness. Some of them are highly ascended, while other spirit guides have only mastered one or two different areas. Some spirit guides have had one or more lives on earth while others have never taken on a physical form. In very rare cases a spirit guide is a relative or acquaintance. Many of us call a main spirit guide a Guardian Angel. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. Spirit guides are capable of reincarnating while Angels have never and will never live to be a human being. Angels also vibrate on a much higher frequency than spirits or humans for that matter. 

How can you get in contact with your Spirit guides?

How can you hear your spirit guide?
How can you hear your spirit guide?

A spirit guide is able to give you signs of their presence. It is quite common for people to experience synchronicities or strange coincidences when spirit guides are trying to steer them in a certain direction or to reward them for good deeds done in the past. Sometimes they send important people into our lives. People that are meant to cross our path in order to guide us or make us learn valuable lessons. Listening to your intuition is very important. Our spirit guides have the ability to give us strong gut feelings about the future or unfolding events.

Sometimes they even come to us in our dreams. Because we are less reserved and our mind is calm when we sleep, our spirit guides can more easily communicate with us. We might wake up with a sudden idea or eureka moment. Or even in broad daylight find crucial answers to our sometimes frustrating and haunting problems.

Spirit guides are always willing to help us. They made the conscious decision to instead of reincarnating back into a physical form after their death, to remain in the spirit realm in order to help those on earth with their life lessons while advancing themselves spiritually. Their plane of existence is not visible to us. As said before their vibrational frequency is higher than ours. While an Angel's frequency is in turn higher than those of a spirit. So unless we become highly intuitive and acquire psychic abilities we are not able to make a strong and tangible connection with our spirit guides. At least not in way in which we can perceive information from them through our normal five senses.

Get in contact with your Spirit guides with the help of a Psychic or a Psychic Medium

Because a medium or psychic does indeed possess paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience which is the ability to hear voices of those in spirit, they are also very much able to raise their vibrational frequency to connect to those on different levels of conscious awareness. Therefore they can help us come into contact with our spirit guides by tapping into the right energy and forwarding their messages to us and the other way around.

By contacting a psychic to connect with your spirit guides you will receive information that is not accessible to you at this level of consciousness. You can ask questions or ask for your spirit guides to provide with information that is important for you to know right now. Spirit guides will only communicate by loving and uplifting messages. You don't have to be afraid for them to be angry with you or tell you exactly what to do. A spirit guide has great faith in your ability to achieve anything you set your mind to and if asked they will happily help you.