Past lives - Regression therapy and mediums

Regression therapy
Regression therapy

You know the saying: 'You only live once'? Well, not everybody will agree with that. Many people, including famous philosophers and pretty much all ancient cultures, believe that every single person lives multiple times. After death there is rebirth and after rebirth there is death. This cycle is called reincarnation. These lives may vary from long to short. Every life we live has a purpose, a meaning, it holds those lessons we are supposed to learn during that lifetime and we take it with us to the next life as our soul, our eternal being never ceases to exist. It is our soul that is the most important thing about us. Before we enter the physical world we are given a body, a home, a sacred place which we should treat well because we will need it for many years to come. 

Before we enter a new life we are given certain tasks to complete and there will be lessons we have yet to learn. Whether we accomplish these tasks and whether we learn these lessons depends on ourselves and our spiritual awareness and enlightenment. If we are not able to complete what we have set out to do during this lifetime we are destined to face the same encounters, circumstances and people in the next. It is all part of a growing process. Our souls journey never ends.

You might look into a person's eyes and think "that's an old soul''. Ever had that feeling? That is why they say the eyes are the windows of the soul. They are wise, kind and compassionate towards their self and others. These souls have lived many lives. There are also younger souls amongst us. Most of the time they are completely carefree, wild, adventurous and childlike. They never see the harm in anything.

Everything we have experienced in our past lives sticks with us. It does not mean that you will be consciously aware of this. It is buried deep in the back of our unconscious minds, within our soul. That is why people when undergoing hypnosis therapy or past life regression sessions are able to vividly remember and talk about their past lives, their families, their profession, how they died and what their life was like. They can literally go back in time and experience it all over again. These sessions can be done when people have phobia's or constant fears about something and they just can't explain why. It is a way to figure out what has happened to them in the past to figure out where the anxiety comes from although not every person is susceptible to hypnosis as all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Mediums and other spiritual advisers make contact with your energy to be able to determine your past lives and your karma. They can inform you about your purpose on earth and what it is you have set out to do during this lifetime. Karma is very much connected to our past lives as everything we have done or even thought will come back to us eventually, for better or for good. Never as a punishment but always as a lesson. When we have physical or mental illnesses which we can't explain a medium can help you determine where it might come from as this could usually indicate it has to do with something you went through during a past life.

When could it be helpful to gain insight into one or more of your past lives?

  • When you are suffering from phobia's without explanation or when you are unusually afraid of the dark.
  • When you have physical or mental illnesses that don't have anything to do with your past or present circumstances.
  • If you want to get a deeper understanding of your own soul and your spiritual journey.
  • If you are curious about your previous lives.
  • If certain people keep coming back into your live or when the same things keep happening to you while you are trying your hardest to change your circumstances.

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