Out of body experience


In 2003 March ..i was going through a tough time with an abusive ex ..i received a letter from a grand master of the occult and numerology ..i opened a circle in my garden as she suggested etc ..and I started feeling different I began to be very aware of everything ..it was as if I could read people's minds also etc ..another letter arrived and she said in March at 10pm can't remember the date but it was 2003 ...i was to be visited and shown something it would be quick and I should take notice ..

by this time I was looking into numerology and had worked out my blueprint etc and knew my numbers destiny number birth force number etc ...so I got kids to bed and went to bed myself I was physically tired as had been decorating but not mentally tired ...i sat up in bed and saw it was 10pm I didn't know wat to expect if anything ..so I put my hand out to side of bed to see if something would grab it ...as soon as I did that i was lifted out of my body through my head ..i was floating in space next to a planet with rings round ..i knew someone or something had hold of my left hand but I couldn't turn round ...the feeling of pure immense love engulfed me it's a feeling which could not be felt on earth it was so beautiful ..then a comet passed in front of me and in its tail end was all my numbers but also a lot of other people's..as soon as it passed me i was put back in my body ...i was gob smacked I looked around my room and was just smiling ...i don't know wat it totally meant but I know I suffered a kind of homesickness for a while to be back up there ...and have been going through a huge awakening since ...has this happened to anyone else xxx  

This is a true story submitted by Tracy