Online psychic readings - The differences between free and paid readings

Differences between free and paid psychic readings
Differences between free and paid psychic readings

With the internet so easily accessible to all of us we are quite lucky because this means we also have easy acces to online psychic readings, at any time. Because online psychic readings are held 24/7, which literally means day and night, seven days a week. It's popularity is growing and demand is higher than ever. 

What are free psychic readings? 

How does a free psychic reading exactly work? Online psychic readings are offered by many different sites, sometimes free of any charge. Yes, you read that correct, free of any charge whatsoever. Okay, so does this mean you can ask anything for a limited amount of time? No, not exactly. You can look at a free online psychic reading as a free trial or sneak preview which is what most sites are trying to offer. A chance to see how things work and to show you that their mediums are the real deal. It is a great way to built trust between you and your medium. Find out if they are compatible with you and see if a full psychic reading can help you out with your query. Chances are it will.  

Often times you are allowed one or two questions with a psychic of your choice. Other websites offer a free limited time psychic reading. Sometimes, you wont be able to choose your psychic but instead you will talk to to psychic that is available at that time. This means you cannot be sure if the psychic you want to talk to is the psychic for you but it does give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from a psychic reading. And of course you will get your answer for free.
Who doesn't like free readings? Really, no matter what happens you cannot lose with a free psychic reading.  

The differences between free psychic readings and paid psychic readings

That being said, if you are looking for a psychic reading with a little more substance and detailed information you should probably ask yourself if it is worth the pay. Most people will agree with the fact that it is. Especially if you really want your psychic or medium to be able to pay close attention to you and to really focus his/her energy on only you and no one else, for instance all other people who want a free reading in an online chat room. You are most likely not the only one waiting for a free trial so psychics will have to work fast which takes time away from your free psychic reading. Nevertheless, you will have your turn if possible. 

Having your psychic able to divide his/her full attention to you for a longer period of time always results in a more accurate and specific reading. Logically, they always need a little time to connect to your energy and tune into the part or area of your life that you have questions about. Therefor, a little tip that you can use with a free psychic reading but with a full length psychic reading as well. Always prepare beforehand what it is you want to know and talk about. Write down some questions or keywords so not to lose any valuable time.

A free psychic reading is fun but because of its limits you most probably wont receive all the answers you are looking for. These limits are usually time or one or two questions and it is possible that at the time you are looking for a free reading there is no psychic available to conduct free readings. In most scenarios you will have more than one question or the answers you receive from your free psychic reading will bring up more questions from your end, because now you are curious.

Getting a reading in our online psychic chat rooms

When you sign up for a free psychic reading in our free chat rooms and you liked your experience during your free psychic reading then you could now choose for a full one on one online psychic reading. Full psychic readings provide you with great insight, detailed information and answers to your questions. You can read reviews from other satisfied customers or leave a review yourself if you like. A psychic reading is confidential and you can be rest assured that you are in capable hands of mediums that conduct over hundreds of psychic readings a week.      

Also good to know, if you have ever had full psychic reading with a medium you are still eligible for a free psychic reading when you register a credit card. Or you can still get some free answers during a free chat with the psychic. Sometimes your chances of getting one will be even higher because of course now you are a paying customer.   

Author of this article : Cindy