Mysterious paranormal experiences


I've had an experience. I've had quite a few, il start with the beginning. I was playing in a farmers field or beside one and I was picked up by what I thought at the time was a huge bird. I remember looking down and seeing my legs dangling whatever it was carried me for miles. 

I was trying to look up to see what It was but it was keeping my head down. I just remember the sound of its huge wings. I was flying in the air... Another experience... I was surrounded by 8 angels in hoods and black gowns they were showing me my life ahead of me. I could hear music around me being played but can only recall one song that was called silence. I was floating outside of a high security prison. They were telling me this was where my soul mate was and that I would meet him later on in life. And they were right I'm currently with him now as I type another experience when is was being abducted by aliens. But I wont go into that unless anyone is  

This is a true story submitted by Sharon