Karma and Reïncarnation


Karma and reïncarnation are two words that are often seen together in the same sentence. That is because karma and reïncarnation are connected, tangled so to speak. Karma is best explained as ''you reap what you sow''. Every action you take, every word you speak holds great power and has great consequences, either good or bad. The energy we spread will find its way back to us in order to restore the natural balance. This restoring of the energy enables us to become aware of our actions, behavior and manners. It is the vital process of pure enlightenment, spiritual growth and awareness. Karma is not meant as a punishment for all the bad deeds we have done in the past. It is rather a positive learning process. 

When we become fully aware of the consequences of our positive or negative acts we see how our actions affect not only ourselves but others as well. This way we learn to be more compassionate, loving, forgiving and considerate. With every obstacle, challenge or task we take on we could ask ourselves "What can I learn from this experience?". You are the only one responsible for your life and your actions. 

There is no need to dwell on the past but instead look at your current situation and how you can positively influence what happens in your future. Don't wait too long if you are considering making a change because the future is now. Do good for the good you do will come back to you.   


Reïncarnation is a logical consequence of karma. When we pass we most probably have not worked out all of our karma. Not every action has yet found a way to restore balance by coming back to you. Naturally, we have to come back to fulfill our destiny, to restore balance and to let karma do its work. There are still lessons we need to learn, actions we have to take and duties to fulfill. When we cross we spend some time in the other realm or dimension. Here we review our actions, the life we lived and how our behavior affected and still affects others. Sure, this will be a real eye opener. Once we have established, together with our guides, what it is we still haven't learned and what goals we have yet to achieve we will set up a blueprint, a life map. We ourselves choose our parents, where we live and when we are born etc. Then our learning process begins all over again. If it is, amongst other lessons, your purpose to be more assertive and to stand up for yourself it is highly likely you will find yourself in situations that will make this very difficult for you. But we know the best lessons are often learned the hard way. It is then up to you how to handle these situations. Should you not be able to change the way you acted, reacted and behaved in these circumstance as you did before you will find yourself rotating within the same patterns, constantly attracting people and circumstances that will challenge you more and more until you finally learn a valuable lesson that helps your soul evolve. 

Do not judge but love

It is clear that nobody is perfect. If we were, there would be nothing left to learn. When we learn to accept our flaws and imperfections we truly come to love ourselves. Loving yourself is key in making decisions that can help you for your higher good. Don't ever feel disappointed in yourself or the way your life has turned out. You can always make a change or learn your lessons when the time is right. You will not be judged for your actions. We all have a thing called free will and life is hard enough as it is. Keeping that in mind there is no need for you to judge someone else. It is also important to remember that not everything that happens to you has to do with your karma. Sometimes our guides can create circumstances that feel like a wakeup call. This is only to help us move forward on the right path instead of losing trail of what is truly important. 

Karma and Past lives

At the time we have incarnated we won't be consciously aware anymore of what are lessons are. This would stand it the way of truly learning anything valuable. But we can ask for a little help for at times we all feel stuck or wonder why the same things keep happening to us. We could be attracting exactly that which we do not want. Genuine and experience psychics and psychic mediums can help you during your process of spiritual growth. They can offer insight into your karma and the prime purpose of your soul here on earth.