Is a psychic able to answer all questions?


We often get the question : ''Is a real psychic able to answer all questions''? If you are looking for a plane yes/no answer, our answer would be ''No''.  A real legit psychic is able to receive answers about all sorts of questions, but they do not know it all. 

Can a psychic answer all questions
Can a psychic answer all questions

When a psychic get's a question they try to focus up on your energy or ask their spirit guides for information. Some psychics just know the answer to a question but they do not know how they know it, they just do. But it could be that they do not receive any information what so ever about that specific question. An experienced psychic almost always receives an answer from their guides. Their spirit guides could tell them that they can't give any information about that question.  

It is very common for a psychic to receive a question like : ''What are the winning lottery numbers''? Or, ''Can you tell me what the outcome will be of the football game tomorrow''? These are questions that almost no psychic or fortune teller can answer. 

Psychics and fortune tellers only receive the information the Universe wants them to receive. The information will only be for your highest good and will be information that is most important for you at this time. 

Of course, you can ask questions about things you would like to know but you will only get an answer to that question if you are being genuine and if the answer is helping you in any kind of way. For example, if you ask : ''Will my ex and I get back together''? For this question it could be that the psychic receives a yes/no answer but they will likely get information about the relationship that gives you clarity and insights. The psychic can tell you if your ex is still angry at you because you cheated or that you first have to work on yourself in order to love somebody else. Those things are more helpful to you than just knowing if you will get back together or not. Sometimes the answer can't be revealed yet and you have to find out yourself how things will evolve. 

Some people just want to know the answer to everything because they have worries about certain things. But not all things are set in stone. Yes, many of them are and things can be ''meant to be'' but you have to learn and grow and make your own choices in life. If you would know everything beforehand you would not live fully. 

When receiving a psychic reading it is best to be open to it and let the psychic tell you what they know. And at the end you can ask questions when you need more clarity. 

Examples of bad questions to ask

  • How much money will I make this year?
  • What are the winning lottery numbers?
  • When am I going to die?
  • What is the outcome of the football game?

Questions like that can't be answered. It has nothing to do with the psychic being fake or not good enough. These are just questions that are not serving you in a positive way or the answers are not to be revealed to you because you for example, are not meant to get rich by winning the lottery.

There are people who dream about the winning lottery numbers and they actually win the lottery. These people receive the answers because they are meant to win.

Good formulated questions

Can you ask a psychic everything
Can you ask a psychic everything
  • Do you see my finances improve?
  • Is my partner being genuine?
  • Is there anything important for me to know?
  • Will I ever have kids?
  • What can I do to make the situation better?
  • Do you have a message from my deceased dad?

These are questions that will most likely help you and give you insights and guidance. A psychic reading is nothing more then help from the Universe. Through a psychic reading you can become more positive and have a new outlook on life. A psychic reading is meant to help you grow and move forward in a more positive way. It is not meant to give you all the answers to everything you want to know. 

During a psychic reading a psychic can answer all sorts of questions and if you are a genuine person looking for help and guidance than you will surely receive that. As said before, it it best to not only ask questions during a reading but let the psychic tell you what they know. This way you will receive the best reading. That being said, there are psychics who would rather want you to ask a question first so that they know were to focus up on. If so, then just ask one question and let the psychic talk for most of the time. The more you listen and they talk, the more information they receive and the more information they can give you. 

So, now you know how it works, you understand that even the best psychics and fortune tellers can't answer all questions but they sure can answer a lot!