Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry wants to read his favorite singer

Medium Tyler Henry
Medium Tyler Henry

Tyler Henry born on january 13, 1996 also known as the Hollywood Medium is only 20 years old but he has already a hit show on E named ''Hollywood Medium, with Tyler Henry''. He is now one of the most popular mediums where hollywood celebrities go to when they seek a psychic reading.

Tyler Henry has given readings to the Kardashians, Tom Arnold, Amber Rose, Carmen Electra, Matt Lauer and many more. But there is one person he would really loved to read for and that is his favorite singer ''Lana Del Rey''. 

Tyler henry has also written a book ''between two worlds : lessons from the other side that is in stores now. Tyler Henry is a native of Hanford, California a small rural suburb just outside Fresno. He says he does not know most celebrities he reads for because he did not watch television growing up. He got his first psychic experience when he was 10 years old, when he predicted that is grandma was going to pass over. He woke up in the night and told his parents. A couple of minutes later his family received a phone call telling his grandma has passes away. Later on Henry started to do readings for students and teachers at Hanford's Sierra Pacific High School, from which he graduated on an accelerated academic program. It was not long before he was discovered and gained a celebrity clientele and a reality TV development deal.

You can follow Henry on Twitter @tyhenrymedium if you want to learn more about henry and his psychic abilities.