Free tarot card reading as a Christmas gift!


As you may already know, we love to offer our visitors totally free Tarot card readings on a regular basis! But maybe you are not so familiar with Let us explain how you can get a totally free tarot card reading via our website.  

1: You can visit the free live tarot chat room directly on our website. We have several free tarot readers who will be available for free tarot readings at least once a week. Please follow us on Facebook to see when a free card reader will be available!

Free tarot readings online
Free tarot readings online

2: You can register a free account in order to have unlimited free psychic chat and free tarot chat. You can get a free reading during this free chat if you are lucky or you can register your credit card for a free tarot reading up to 10 minutes! (depending on the price of the tarot reader).

3 You can choose to get a free 3 minute phone reading with a tarot card reader.

4: We offer free tarot readings on a regular basis via our Facebook page. All you have to do is respond to our posts in order to have a chance at a free reading.  We now offer 3 free card readings as a Christmas gift! Visit our Facebook page and let us know that you are interested. Maybe you will be the lucky winner of a free 3 card tarot reading! 

5: You can also do your own free tarot card readings and oracle card readings directly on our website! Do your own Love reading, Past present future reading, Celtic cross reading or 1 card reading. You can use beautiful tarot card decks such as The Green Witch Tarot, The Gilded Tarot, The beautiful Creatures Tarot and the Osho Zen Tarot. We also have stunning oracle card decks such as The Gilded Reverie Lenormand Oracle and The Fairy Lenormand oracle which you can use for your own free online card readings!

Merry Christmas everybody!