Free demo readings on the 26th of April!


Another Psychic is chosen to prove her Psychic skills and abilities during half an hour of free demo readings! This week it's up to Mssaul! 

The half an hour of free demo readings will take place in Mssaul's chat room, on the 26th of April from 4:30 - 5.00 pm EST.

About Mssaul :

"I am a clairvoyant which means I use no tools to do a reading. I only use my natural innate abilities.
I am able to see things in your life on a full scale, as well as up to 5 years into the future. I will be able to identify the negative energy field in your life. I can also help you to discover any hidden abilities you may have, so you can effectively use it to your advantage!" 

Mssaul's insightful message for everyone:

"Once an opportunity lost that can never be regained. However take time to breathe and to channel your inner voice. Always listen to your intuitive feeling and give yourself time to think before acting!"