Fortune tellers and psychic mediums - The early days and the present


The practice of predicting someones future is basically what we are referring to when we talk about fortune tellers and psychic mediums. Historically, fortune telling is believed to have started with the Roma and Sinti people, also known as "gypsies". Some people claim otherwise but as far knowing for sure where it originated, there is still a debate going on. True or not true, the practice has been around for centuries, has spread out to all continents and religions on earth and is still very popular to this day. Think of Chinese fortune telling or the "casting of bones" by many tribes and villages of Africa, the very spiritual aware Native American tribes and so forth. 

Fortune tellers and psychics
Fortune tellers and psychics

Fortune telling can be found in various ways all over the globe. Whether is a part of religion or just popular belief.
Fortune telling can be done using a variety of different tools. Nostradamus, one of the most popular fortune tellers of all time used astrology and prophetic dreams to make his future predictions during the 1500's. The intuitive Doreen Virtue uses her natural clairvoyant gift to teach on a spiritual level while also creating Oracle and Angel card decks. The Mayan culture used mathemetics and astrology to create their calendar and Long Island medium Theresa Caputo is famous today for not only communicating with spirits but also for her ability to predict future events. 

To explain a little; a psychic is able to create future predictions and they can have a look at you past and present life but a psychic medium also has the ability to connect to the other side. Meaning they can communicate with spirits. So a medium is always psychic but a psychic is not always a medium. 

There are many ways to practice fortune telling such as Cartomancy, Tarot cards, Palmistry , Cold reading, Crystal gazing, Lithomancy, Astrology and more.
Naturally, with every act or business that can accumulate money, there are people who are less sincere in their believes and intentions. We call these people charlatans. They usually promote themselves on the internet, which makes it so much easier. Charlatans can often be recognised by their mostly exaggerated and over confident predictions. They are masters of deception but a critical eye can usually call them out very early in the game. Never let yourself be fooled by their charm but rather listen close to what they say to determine their credibility. Charlatans cannot only be found today but in the early days as well.  

Fortune tellers and psychics - The present day

In this day and age we have thousands of people promoting themselves as fortune tellers, psychics or mediums. Maybe about half of them have had some kind of formal training and/or have been tested by spiritual organizations and have proven themselves to be legitimate or at least with good intentions. Think of Theresa Caputo as we spoke of her earlier. 

Another very popular psychic medium is Tyler Henry who was baffled many skeptics with his ability to predict future events but also by communicating with the spirits of deceased loved ones. 

But of course not all fortune tellers and mediums are famous, it is not that easy to become wellknown. That is probably one of the many reasons why fortune tellers and mediums can be consulted very easily over the internet in todays day and age. The demand is high. 

Technology has made it very easy for us to do so, so us "common" people get a chance at receiving future predictions as well. By phone, email, chat or text we can reach out to a spiritual advisor at any time of the day and receive answers to our most burning questions. Western culture fortune telling is mostly based on romance, wealth, love and relationship type future predictions. These areas are proven to be most popular for us to consult mediums about.
Whether you are a full on skeptic or a strong believer in the supernatural think of this: If there were no "real" or "believable" psychics or psychic mediums, fortune telling would have probably died a long time ago.  

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