Famous psychics and fortune tellers - List of the best known psychics

Best famous psychics and mediums
Best famous psychics and mediums

Fortune tellers and psychics have probably been around as long as mankind, but not everything is documented, saved on a computer or written down in stone. Fortune tellers are also called mediums, psychics and clairvoyants. There have been quite a few fortune tellers throughout history who have made themselves famous for their highly accurate and sometimes even spooky detailed predictions of future events. We might not have any idea of what our future holds, but fortune tellers could beg to differ. Below are listed some of the most respected, best known, famous fortune tellers of all time


Famous fortune teller Michel de Nostradame better known as Nostradamus might be the most famous of them all. Nostradamus made most of his predictions while enjoying a meditative state. Some predictions he has made over the years are based on his knowledge of astrology. Nostradamus is said to have predicted the French Revolution, Hitler, the 9/11 tragedy, the atomic bomb as well as hurricane Katrina, but his prediction of the death of Princess Diana is probably the most famous of them all.

While Nostradamus has spoken of the end of the world he never necessarily named any specific date which leaves us wondering, did he or did he not know when the world would actually end?

The Psychic Twins

Mediums/fortune tellers Terry and Linda Jamison also known as The Psychic Twins are two sisters who made some strange predictions during their all-time high. Later on, these forecasts turned out to become reality when the World Trade Center was indeed attacked by terrorists and when John F. Kennedy Jr. did in fact tragically die in an airplane accident in 1999. Their case solving detective work on the vanishing of Olivia Newton-John's longtime boyfriend Patrick McDermott has been the biggest celebrity missing persons case ever to be solved by psychics. They also have their own website which lists their 80 most accurate predictions that have become a reality so far.

Tyler Henry

Upcoming famous medium/clairvoyant Tyler Henry (also known as the Hollywood Medium) has shocked many people with his enormous talent to contact the deceased and to make astonishing true comments regarding the future. He has been able to turn many skeptics around while going from one celebrity to the next to prove he is the real deal.

His own show on the 'E' entertainment network is extremely popular, not only for his good looks and his genuine character but for his willingness to help others heal. Tyler has read for celebrities such as Snooki, Amber Rose, Rob Dyrdek, Tom Arnold, the Kardashians, Kyle Richards and many more.

Theresa Caputo

Famous medium Theresa Caputo has her own television show called 'The Long Island Medium' where she talks to random and complete strangers about their loved ones who have passed to give them a beautiful healing message from the beyond. Theresa is a respected medium who has known of her gift since she was just a small child. Having decided she wanted to use her talent to help others while also being a typical Long Island mother makes her show definitely worthwhile to look at.

Moll Pitcher

Clairvoyant/fortune teller Moll Pitcher(1736-1813) is said to be related to a long line of wizards. Most of her predictions were made by reading the tea leaves of her clients. Many treasure hunters consulted her about the whereabouts of the wealth and fishermen asked for her forecasts on the weather. Some believed Moll was a witch and if born a decade earlier she had probably been hanged. Another well-known prediction Moll made was the presidency of George Washington. Unfortunately, not much of her career has been preserved throughout the years.

Some fortune tellers can make use of instruments such as Tarot cards or pendulums while others trust on their strong intuition to help them make forecasts. Some are naturally gifted while others develop their talents after a traumatic accident. Every fortune teller has their own way of predicting the future. Because of the free will we all have as human beings and therefore the sometimes sudden turn of events some predictions might not always be as accurate as anticipated. A small change of the mind, an altercation or accident can cause a chain of events to be unleashed that could change our entire future.

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