Developing and strengthening Psychic abilities

Develop and strengthen your own psychic abilities
Develop and strengthen your own psychic abilities

If you are thinking about developing and strengthening your own psychic abilities then we might have some tips for you. First off we would like to say that you will not become a psychic overnight or read other peoples mind by the end of next week. That is just not how it works. 

True psychic abilities are rare although it is believed that each and every person has psychic abilities to some sort of degree. And that we can develop them over time with lots of practice and patience. Your intuition is very important when it comes to predicting the future or seeing more than the average person, with your minds eye that is. Your minds eye, also known as your Third eye or Third eye Chakra, plays another important role when it comes to strenghtening or developing your own psychic abilities.

Natural psychic powers 

Some people are naturally more open or prone to really develop and evolve strong psychic abilities. They are very much in touch with their already strong intuition or might have always felt like they know more than others or felt different since a very young age. These people sometimes grow up to become psychics or psychics mediums. Other people experience the same but never grow beyond just having that feeling or hunch that they are different or "special". Some people have to work hard to really develop their skills whilst to others it comes naturally. But most of us feel "normal", not psychic or extra "special". Some may never be able to evolve special skills or even just "sense" certain things that might not have happened yet or read minds or see someones past. But as far as most people are concerned there are ways to practice and develop your natural psychic abilities. Whether you have clairvoyant abilities or clairaudient abilities or you are telekinetic. Really, your unique skillset can include anything. Practice makes perfect so you might want to give it a try and find out if you yourself have any psychic powers.

Tips for developing your own psychic abilities If you are really set on developing your own psychic powers then dedication and practice is very important. As said before you will not become a master psychic overnight. Just like any other talent, it takes hard work and practice to gain control over a part of yourself that you might have never used before, if you even know how to use it.

We will share tips and practices with you below:

  • One very affective way of getting in touch with yourself and your spiritual side is meditation. Practice meditation as often as you like. The internet is full with videos and tips on how to start meditating. If you already do this on a regular basis, even better.
  • Alligning and healing your Chakra's. Healthy and vibrant Chakra's also help with feeling grounded and in touch with your intuition. Opening the Third eye Chakra often releases dormant psychic abilities like visions and dreams. Note that, it is very important to research and educate yourself on the Third eye Chakra before meditating on it.
  • Keep your vibration high. A high energetic vibration helps you to easier tune into spiritual energy. Easy ways to keep your vibrations up is by meditating, thinking positive and loving thoughts and anything else that makes you genuinely happy.
  • Start by practicing seeing aura's. The aura is the energetic field of a persons physical body and is invisible to the naked eye. It can be photographed with specisl equipment but you can also train your eye to physically see the aura. It takes some practice but it is probably one of the easiest exercises you can try on your path to awaken your psychic abilities.
  • Tarot cards can also be a great help in developing your skills. Creating readings for your family and friends and using your intuition to interpret the cards is a good practice. Results start showing when you succesfully predict or explain certain events in the other persons life. Buy a deck of cards and read the instructions to understand how it works.

The information we listed is just a tip of the iceberg. To really develop your abilities there are numerous things you can try but we feel these are the basics and most importants exercises to start with and get you going.

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Author of this article : Cindy