Coronavirus predicted by psychic

Psychics who predicted the coronavirus
Psychics who predicted the coronavirus

By now the coronavirus has grown out to become a pandemic. An infectious disease affecting men, woman and children all over the world causing flu-like symptoms, sometimes resulting in deadly pneumonia. The year 2020 started off with nationwide lockdowns, social distancing, fear and in some country's mass death. In a way we all knew this could happen someday as we are more connected now than ever before.

Did psychic Sylvia Brown predict the coronavirus?

The interesting part about this coronavirus is that it seems to be predicted by a rather well-known psychic, called Sylvia Brown, somewhere in 2008. Supposedly, she wrote a book about "the end of days" stating that "In the year 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.'" She continued saying that the virus would eventually disappear out of nowhere and make a comeback in the year 2030. Which is exactly what the coronavirus is about. Up until now, there has been no treatment or medicine on the market that was successfully able to cure Covid-19. Naturally, when people starting hearing about this prediction, after the coronavirus outbreak, it raised a lot of attention on the internet. Even the biggest celebrities have been posting about it.

This accurate prediction of a disease causing difficulty breathing and infections in the lungs in the year 2020 is not something to take light heartedly. If she was trying to gain more attention, spread fear or simply make false statements than Sylvia Brown could have said anything about this disease. But she didn't, the statements she made are a clear definition of what this new virus is capable of doing which naturally makes people wonder how in the world she knew about this. The question therefore is: Is Sylvia Brown a true psychic? Before we go deeper into that we will take a look at other psychics who "supposedly" predicted the outbreak and the accuracy of what they said. 

Other people that might have predicted Covid-19

There have been more than a few top experts around the world warning us about a pandemic outbreak over the last decades. Even Bill gates has been warning us the last few years. Crowded populations, easy travel by airplane or train and more and more interaction with wildlife could make you wonder why these outbreaks don't occur more often. Of course, it did happen in the past when we look at SARS, MERS, Spanish flu or Mexican flu and so on. These diseases are in fact quite different and likely less contagious, except for the Spanigh flu, than Covid-19 but nonetheless still epidemic.

But when it comes to actual predictions you may have heard of tv psychic Harry T. You can see him on the today show. Tv-producers claim that in 2016 Harry sent them an email saying that he saw not only China taking over America but also more people getting sick with a flu-like disease and Europe would change as we know it now and that it would be re-organized. The last statement he made was that Australia would be the safest place to be by then. These statements might not be that shocking but after the outbreak of the coronavirus they seem a bit more aery.

However, his prediction is definitely not as detailed as Sylvia Browns prediction, as she told us about the actual symptoms of the disease and also gave us a specific timeframe.

A self-proclaimed psychic called Nicolas Aujula came forward to say that he himself had visions of an Influenza type of outbreak around the world in 2018. He also said he had a dream about this prediction. In his own words he said that he "felt a sense of gloom" when the corona outbreak was announced. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing for sure if indeed he had these visions and how accurate they really were. However, his predictions for the future are that the virus will become a lot worse before it becomes better. This statement was made around March this year.

Another interesting prediction from psychic Layla Abdel Latif, who is of Libanese and Egyptian origin, is that there would be an outbreak of a virus that would spark global panic. Just as in Sylvia Brown's prediction, Layla says the virus will pretty much vanish out of nowhere. She says it will be as if we wake up from a dream and it'll be over. 

Other predictions of psychic Sylvia Brown

The most believable and accurate prediction about the coronavirus still seems to be in the hands of Sylvia Brown. Apparently, Sylvia also predicted that Arnold Schwarzenegger would run for political office before becoming governor. She also says that the JonBenet Ramsey case would never be solved.

Looking at some of Sylvia's other predictions has our curiosity heightened.

  • Trumps presidency will end this year.

  • Old diseases will re-appear because people stop vaccinating.

  • Three quarters of the earth will be covered in water.

  • Blindness and deafness will be a thing of the past by 2020.

  • America will get a public health system.

Naturally, you can decide for yourself whether or not you feel that she is genuine. But we believe it is fair to say that her prediction about the 2020 coronavirus is very interesting to say the least. 

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