Contacting deceased loved ones


What happens when we die is a thought that crosses every mind at some point in a person's life. Most of us want reassurance that death is not the end and our reason of existence is something greater than we can comprehend. It is something that has kept us busy since the beginning of time and will keep fascinating us for decades to come.  

Re-connect with a passed loved one again

Contact a passed loved one
Contact a passed loved one

Research and studies have scientifically shown that there is definite life after death. We are just not quite sure how it is possible. Death is inevitable but it's not the end of our eternal being.

The moment we pass away our soul leaves our physical body. Our consciousness continues to exist and we enter a world far different then what we are used to. It is an energetic world, not visible to the naked eye but it separates the living and the deceased by a thin veil. Some people are able to lift this veil and tune into the energy that is always surrounding us, they are capable of communicating with the other realm. These people are called mediums.

A medium is able to connect with those who have passed away. Often times their souls seek closure. They look for a way to let their loved ones know they are still around and that they are okay. They don't leave us and the bond that is shared throughout life will never be broken. It is difficult for them yet not impossible to give us signs of their presence. They do so by raising their energetic vibrations.

Subtle hints are given by them to let us know they are around and trying to communicate. Very common signs of their presence include smelling their perfume or cologne, hearing their song on the radio when we start thinking of them or a having an overwhelming feeling that they are in the room with us. Other people have reported physically seeing their loved one or hearing them call their name. It also not uncommon for spirit to play with the electricity around your home. Turning lights on or off is something that might easily catch your attention. Dreams about our loved ones can seem very real and often times they are. When we sleep our thoughts slow down and we become more susceptible.

That is why meditation is a great way of sending loving thoughts and prayers to the ones we miss dearly.

Numerous people have experienced their dead relatives trying to contact them. Some of them are uncertain whether or not they should share this information with their immediate surroundings. Most of them are unsure how to go about it or how to initiate more contact. Though most souls are not capable of connecting with us because we are too busy with our everyday lives and because we are not aware of them trying, we usually don't even notice. Our grief and pain are able to cloud us and make us unable to communicate. Asking for the help of a medium is great decision. They have the unique gift to communicate with spirit in order to help both parties heal and find the peace and comfort they long for.

When a soul makes contact with a medium they will make sure to deliver every message we need to hear. Often times evidence and detailed information will be presented to the medium in order to let their loved ones know they are present and stepping forward. We are then in turn able to ask questions and through the medium receive answers and possible guidance.

A psychic medium reading can be very emotional. It can give us answers to burning questions and bring healing where it is necessary, not only for those left behind but even spirit benefits greatly. Their souls find peace and comfort and they are able to release feelings of guilt and pain in order to grow in the spirit world.

It may not be possible for us to pick up the phone and make one last call or send a out a letter for them to read but making contact with those on the other side is very possible and an experienced medium can help us do so.

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