What exactly are Angels?

What are Angels?
What are Angels?

What are Angels? Do they really exist and if so, are they always around us? The answer is Yes, they definitely exist and their presence is always near. The word Angel comes from the Greek word Angelos meaning 'messenger'. Angels are heavenly beings who are also called servants or sons of God. According to the Bible, Angels are beings of light with a pure consciousness, high intelligence and moral judgement created by God to serve Him and us humans. We do not become Angels after our death, nor do Angels ever become human.  

 In addition to spirit guides, Angels have never lived a human life on earth although they have feelings and emotions just like we do. They are mostly known for their loving and genuine character.

Just like spirits whom they are often confused with, Angels are enlightened beings. There are different ranks and classes of Angels such as healing Angels or Archangels. Angels are those believed to exist on the highest vibration.

Their names usually end in "ël" which means God. The Hebrew name of Angels is 'Malach', also meaning messenger. Angels are often depicted and painted as beautiful men and woman or chubby childlike beings but because Angels are made out of energy they don't have a physical body but they can take on any form they want. Those who have been able to perceive Angels usually describe them as various shapes of different colors although generally speaking, Angels cannot be seen with the ordinary human eyes. They can only be perceived with the help of extrasensory perception or a sixth sense.

Angels have their duties to fulfill. Not only to God but humans as well. Their first purpose is to worship God and to do his will which is to also serve and protect us humans.

We might not realise it but Angels are more active in our lives then most of us are aware off. There are more Angels than we are able to count. The most important and popular Archangels are described below. Archangels are of the eight order in the hierarchy of heaven. The ninth and highest order consists out of Angels. Because the eight order, Archangels, is described numerous times in the Bible this is the order we are most familiar with.

The most important and well-known Angels 


Archangel Ariël is one of the healing Angels and the protector of the elements water, fire, earth and air. She is extremely involved in the environment. If you are a person making an effort towards improving the environment or helping animals in need, Ariël is there to reward you with positive energy and love. She also helps manifesting desires and brings motivation, perseverance and courage to those who ask. Ariël works with Archangel Raphaël when it comes to the protection of animals and there rights. You can ask Ariël for help through thoughts and prayers.

Meaning of Ariël: Lion of God. Color: Pink Gemstone or Crystal: Rose quartz


Archangel Azraël is the Angel of death in the most positive and healing meaning of the word. He offers comfort and guidance in times of sorrow and despair. Especially during and after the parting of a loved one Azraël is around. Even when we ourselves are about to pass Azraël is there to ease our pain. He also guides us from the moment we have passed on. Don't be afraid to ask for Azraël's help when you are hurting or grieving.

Meaning of Azraël: Help of God. Color: Crème Gemstone or Crystal: Yellow Calcite


Archangel Raguël is the Angel of harmony and justice. He is a powerful mediator who ensures the harmonic collaboration between all the Archangels. He also brings harmony, forgiveness and balance in personal relationships. We can ask Raquël to strengthen our relationship with God or to attract new friendships.

Meaning of Raguël: Friend of God. Color: Light or soft blue Gemstone or Crystal: Aquamarine


Archangel Chamuël sees the connection between everyone and everything and helps us find what we have lost whether it is our job, our keys, our faith or our will to carry on. Chamuël brings inner peace and inspires us to make the right decisions. If you need a fresh burst of confidence, Chamuël is the right Angel to ask.

Meaning of Chamuël: He who sees God. Color: Light green Gemstone or Crystal: Fluorite


Archangel Haniël is often linked to the moon. The moon symbolizes intuition and emotions. Haniël is able to help you strengthen your intuition and psychic abilities. During a full moon you could ask Haniël to recharge your energy or ask her for protection against negative influences when you find it difficult to protect yourself.

Meaning of Haniël: God's grace. Color: Bleu/White Gemstone or Crystal: Moonstone


Jeremiël is a loving mentor/teacher. He helps those souls who have crossed over to the other side with evaluating their lives on earth in order to make them more aware of their actions and the consequences of those actions. You can also ask Jeremiël to evaluate your life so far. His intentions are not to judge but to help you make positive changes on your spiritual journey through life. He likes to help you remember the lessons you have learned so far. When thinking about Jeremiël he is able to help you summarize what is important.

Meaning of Jeremiël: God uplifts. Color: Dark Purple Gemstone or Crystal: Amethyst


Archangel Jophiël is the Angel of beauty. Her energy helps you think more positive, to let go of the past and relax. You can ask Jophiël to improve the mood of your home or work environment. She likes to help perform creative ideas and to bring balance through the right proportions. Jophiël is also the Angel of Feng Shui. You can ask Jophiël to clear any misunderstandings with people in your direct environment.

Meaning of Jophiël: Beauty of God. Color: Deep Pink Gemstone or Crystal: Deep pink Tourmaline


Archangel Michaël is the Angel of faith. He is the leader of all Archangels and probably the most well-known. This Angel is described as the most powerful protector and reliable guide. Archangel Michaël offers protection in all areas, all we need is ask. He is well aware of your personal goals and is able to help when you are not sure which road will lead towards fulfilling your destiny. It is possible to ask Michaël for help when you are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, illness, violence or a broken heart.

Meaning of Michaël: He who is like God. Color: Purple, Gold and Cobalt Blue Gemstone or Crystal: Sugilite


Archangel Gabriël is the angel of hope and one of the most popular Angels. Next to Archangel Michaël, Gabriël is specifically referred to and called by name in the Holy Bible. Gabriël offers assistance during conception, pregnancy and even adoption. He primarily puts in his efforts to ensure the wellbeing of young adults and children. Gabriël loves working with creative people and when requested to do so, he guides them through each and every creative endeavor. He opens doors to new possibilities and opportunities for work. Gabriël motivates us to stay in our own power and to appreciate our own qualities. Think of Gabriël when you could use some extra motivation or inspiration to complete a task.

Meaning of Gabriël: God is my strengthColor: Copper Gemstone or Crystal: Copper


Archangel Uriël is one of the most mysterious Angels. His prime purpose is to protect. Working together with Archangel Zadkiël he is able to bring us foretelling messages or a better and clear understanding of certain situations. Uriël works through clair cognizance and helps us come into contact with our inner wisdom. His messages are acquired in the form of thoughts and whispers.

Meaning of Uriël: Light of God. Color: Bright Yellow Gemstone or Crystal: Amber


Archangel Raphaël is the Angel of love. He is a powerful healer, not only of humans but animals as well. He helps cure those with a physical or mental illness. Raphaël brings the healing light of God to earth. Because Raphaël needs permission in order to use his healing powers on others you can specifically ask him for healing. He can also assist us in our search for spiritual and personal growth. Raphaël helps to remind us of our self-love and opening the third eye. When it comes to animals, Raphaël works closely with Archangel Ariël. When requested he can also help get rid of negative influences in and around your home.

Meaning of Raphaël: God has healed. Color: Green Gemstone or Crystal: Emerald or Malachite


Archangel Raziël helps process dramatic events or trauma's when they have resulted in extreme fear or phobias. He can also assist in developing our psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. Raziël offers information and insights through dreams so it is best to ask for his help right before going to bed.

Meaning of Raziël: Secret of God. Color: Rainbow Gemstone or Crystal: Clear Quartz


Archangel Zadkiël helps us experience the feeling of compassion towards others to avoid making quick judgements. He is able to balance blocked energy and brings order in the midst of chaos. Zadkiël is there for us during conflicts and helps us forgive ourselves for past deeds. Even when we experience mental problems, Zadkiël is there to support us. He also likes to assist students during important exams or studies. You can ask Zadkiël to help better your memory and your ability to concentrate.

Meaning of Zadkiël: Justice of God. Color: Indigo Gemstone or Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Only Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon's names do not end with 'ël', meaning God. It is not entirely clear why and there is no written meaning of their names in the Bible but it does indicate that both Archangels once lived on earth even though Archangels are said to have never taken on a physically form or to have lived in a human body.


Archangel Metatron is mostly known to offer his help to children. We can ask him for help with educating and guiding young adults. He is quick to help earthly children to be more spiritually aware and loving towards themselves while creating inner peace and the ability to physically relax. He offers special attention to indigo children and those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD as well as their parents or guardians.

Meaning of Metatron: Unclear. Color: Purple/Green Gemstone or Crystal: Watermelon Tourmaline


Gods Angels
Gods Angels

Archangel Sandalphon's primary task is to pass our messages on to God and the other way around. Sandalphon is able to heal through music and sounds. A lot of musicians benefit from his assistance. The Bible also says that Sandalphon helps decide the sex of an unborn child. You can ask Sandalphon's help when battling with depression or addiction.

Meaning of Sandalphon: Unclear. Color: Turquoise Gemstone or Crystal: Turquoise

Guidance by the Angels

Similar to Angels us humans are spiritual beings and one with God. Each one of us is almost constantly surrounded by Angels and Holy Spirits to help us on our spiritual journey. Only the Archangels and the highest rank of Angels can be in contact with human beings.

Often miracles indicate the presents of an Angel. Maybe you have experienced their energy before by receiving sudden thoughts or ideas, witnessing paranormal or impossible events or receiving small signs and miracles from the heavens.

Each and every one of us can use some help or guidance at some point in our lives. Asking the Angels for support is no shame. Because it can be difficult for humans to make a tangible connection with the Angels there are a lot of people who turn to mediums or psychics. Their paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance and claircognizance make them able to feel, hear or even see the energy of heavenly beings. 

This enables them to pass their messages on to us in order for us to get a sense of what is important at this time and what we can do to overcome certain obstacles in our everyday lives.

Angels watch over us on a daily basis and each of them has their specialty as a part of fulfilling God's will on earth. You are able to connect more deeply with them by working with Crystals that resonate with their colors and frequencies.