A Child's Spirit


I moved into a house in Sunderland..my brother was living with me at the time he had a foot tall devil figurine from the film legend ...he pulled me one day saying that he kept finding the figurine thrown on his bed or on the floor..then my brother said someone was opening his bedroom door on a night so he had to put his samurai sword against the door ..he showed me the door and scraped into it was a capital HEL I thought I was spelling hell ...my brother is a total sceptic....

so that night I went to bed and during night I felt someone pulling me awake I turned behind me and standing right next to me on my bed was a 4yr old boy with white vest on white y fronts brown basin hair cut but his face was white blur ..i got a shock and said go away ..but next morning i called out and said sorry and that he startled me ...i was talking to my brother downstairs the next day at lunchtime telling him wat I saw and that it was the little boy throwing the devil in his room because he didn't like it ...my brother laughed and said bollocks as he said that there was a bang on the ceiling coming from upstairs ..i said to my brother there's ya devil on the floor with which he laughed and went to hav a look ..and yes it was the devil which had been thrown on the floor ....i moved home n my brother moved out I slept in his room one night as I had guests I woke on the morning thinking hmmm did my brother take the devil with him I turned to look around room and the devil was on the draws in the room ..so I just turned over in bed then bang it fell off onto floor arms fell off it ...so that day gave it back to my brother and have had no problem from the little boy which i call joshua since ...so he follows me wherever I go xx 

This true story is submitted by Tracy