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Free psychic reading
Free psychic reading

Looking for a totally free live tarot reading? Here you can chat for free with a professional and experienced Tarot and Oracle card reader and get an absolutely free tarot reading onlinePlease be respectful when it's crowded in the Tarot chat room and the Tarot card reader is doing free tarot readings. Please be patient and wait for your turn. The free Tarot card readers don't answer questions but will give you a message that is important for you at this time. Often this message has something to do with the question you have in mind. Our free live tarot readings are without further obligations!

Live tarot card readings for free!

Answering personal questions, unfortunately would take too much time, so we wouldn't be able to help as much people as we would like. Therefore everybody in the free tarot chat room will get a one personal free tarot card which will give them important information that is most likely the answer to your question.. But this is not always the case. Sometimes other things are more important for you at this time and therefore the tarot card will provide you relevant information about that specific topic. Our free tarot readings online are meant to help you gain more clarity and insight and offer you guidance in important areas in your life. 

Free live tarot card readings

The free live tarot readings can be about topics such as: love, relationships, work, finances, health, past lives and spirituality. Our free card readers are here to help you with advice, insights, answers and future predictions! 

Which free card readings can you receive?

We offer many different free card readings such as free love readings, free past life readings, free angel card readings, free mediumship readings, free oracle card readings and free future forecasts. But remember that tarot cards are best used for insights and advice. Future forecasts can be done, but many outcomes in our lives are a result of the choices we make and therefore the outcome can still change if you choose a different path. 

Please keep in mind that for some readings, it's important to not take the message you receive too literally. In some cases, it's important to understand the deeper meaning of the card you receive instead of just the exact words that you read. In most cases you will know yourself how to interpret the message for your life or the situation that you are facing at that specific moment. 

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Ive loved every single reading I've gotten! Very helpful and spot on! 

I have had nothing but the truth told to me by this amazing group. Their site is simply devine, and when a card reader is available, each reading is spot on each time. I am glad to have found this page and site. Thank you kindly. Love and Light to all

Great! Accurate! On point. Very nice ppl. I wld recommend them to everyone 

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More free tarot chat and free live tarot card readings online

If you are looking for more free Tarot chat or Psychic chat you can register a free account and chat for free for unlimited time. You can even receive free readings or professional detailed readings. 

Get a free 10 minute psychic reading guaranteed!

When you register a free account and validate your credit card you get a free psychic reading or tarot card reading up to 10 minutes! The free reading is guaranteed and totally free!! No nonsense! 100% safe and no further obligations!

Get a detailed Psychic Love reading, Psychic Money reading or general reading via live chat! 

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100% free tarot card readings

Nowadays, many people are looking for free psychic readings or free tarot card readings online. Therefore, there are also many websites who claim to offer free psychic readings and free tarot card readings, but unfortunately many of them are a scam or they do not really provide 100% free readings. But we really do! There are a couple of ways in which you can receive a totally free psychic reading or totally free tarot card reading.

You can have a live chat with an experienced tarot card reader directly on this page and you can also register a free account in order to receive professional paid and free online tarot card readings in an online chat room.

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More detailed tarot card reading

Getting a free tarot card reading or psychic reading is of course always a nice way of receiving an answer to a pressing question. 

But sometimes you have a more complicated question or you would just like to get more detailed information covering different topics in your life. Then it is best to contact a tarot card reader or psychic for paid reading. These readings will last longer (depending on how many credits you have) and you can ask any question you would like. 

Before choosing a tarot card reader or psychic for a paid reading you can chat with them for free to really get to know them first and to see if you would like to receive a paid reading from this specific reader. 

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Get a professional psychic reading or tarot reading by phone

Some people prefer talking to a psychic over the phone rather than chatting with them in an online chatroom. We have 2 different offers for when you choose to contact one of our professional phone psychics. Get 3 minutes for free or get 10 minutes for only $1,99!

This special offer is for all new registered users! 

Call a professional psychic for insights, guidance, clarity and answers regarding any topic in life.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our free live tarot chat room, when you have a question about our other online psychic readings or when you have a question about learning Tarot yourself. 

We will always keep our service 100% free! You will never have to pay anything in order to get a live tarot reading from one of our professional tarot card readers in our live tarot chat room directly on our website!