Free Lenormand tarot reading

Free 3 card Lenormand reading

Free Lenormand past present future reading with 3 cards

Looking for a free Lenormand Tarot reading online? Here you can do your own free Lenormand Tarot card reading. This is a free Past Present Future spread.

This Past Present Future reading is done with 3 cards. Take a deep breath and concentrate on the cards and the question. When you feel ready you can draw 3 cards that will hold a message for you.

Feel free to use this free Past Present Future spread as often as you like.

Information about the Lenormand Tarot deck

The title of this Tarot deck refers to MIIe Lenormand a pseudonym for Marie Anne Lenormand a famous French fortune teller. The Lenormand Tarot deck has 78 cards in total, 22 cards for the magor arcana and 56 cards for the minor arcana. Each card displays a different situation and represents a different energy. The cards all have a different meaning and message. But as every other Tarot and Oracle deck you should always use your intuition while reading them. Sometimes the meaning of the card is different from the intuitive feelings and emotions that you get when looking at the card. You should never ignore those feelings and emotions but use them in your reading. 

What questions can you ask the Lenormand Tarot deck?

You can ask all the same questions you could ask any other Tarot deck. The Lenormand Tarot deck can be consulted for questions about love, relationships, career, finances, health and spiritual growth.

Best questions to ask the Lenormand Tarot

  • How can I make this situation better?
  • Is my partner sincere?
  • What is the cause of this problem?
  • What does the future hold for me?
  • What can I do to feel better?
  • Why is this happening to me?

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