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Here you can do your own free Gypsy card reading online. It's a free 3 card reading which gives you information about the past, present and future. You can use use this free Gypsy card reading as often as you like. Gypsy cards are really useful when you are looking for insight and clarity. But Gypsy cards are also very popular because of their accurate predictions. Gypsy oracle cards are one of the oldest fortune telling cards used by famous fortune tellers and card readers.

Information about the Gypsy cards

Free gypsy card reading online
Free gypsy card reading online

The Gypsy Oracle cards are created by Sibilla Della Zingara. The Gypsy cards are well-known for their very clear and plain images. The cards are a remake of the ancient Gypsy deck from the 1800's. However, the cards of the Gypsy Oracle deck all hold the same characteristics as the ancient gypsy cards. The cards and the images on them mostly represent situations, certain places or emotions and feelings that are all recognizable for each and everyone of us. The legend tells us that a gypsy made the images on the cards so obvious so that everyone can easily understand the message of each card. But you shouldn't always take them too literally. It is always best to also use your intuition whilst reading Gypsy cards. The Gypsy oracle cards can be used for yes/no questions. The cards can be seen as negative/neutral/positive. Negative cards would refer to a No and positive card would refer to a Yes. So, if you draw 2 positive cards and 1 negative the answer to your question would lean towards a Yes.

What questions can you ask during a Gypsy card reading?

  • What can I expect in the nearby future?
  • What can I expect in the love area?
  • Is he the one for me?
  • Do I get the job?

But remember that some outcomes or not to be revealed yet. If it looks like you did not receive an answer to your question than the cards are telling you something else that is important for you to know at this time. 

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