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This is a free Celtic Cross spread done with the beautiful Green Witch Tarot deck. You can draw the cards yourself by clicking on them. Take a deep breath and concentrate on the cards and the question if you may have one.

Then choose 10 cards. When you are done you can click on the cards to reveal the messages. You may use this free Celtic Cross spread as much as you like.

Information about the Green Witch Tarot

The Green Witch Tarot is designed by Ann Moura, a practising green witch. Green witchcraft is all about the earth, nature, herbs, plants and all of their energies. The beautiful cards are illustrated by Kiri Oostergaard Leonard and are published by Llewellyn in October 2015.

The images on the Green Witch Tarot cards are pagan style images which cover the whole card. There are no edges which gives you a spacious, borderless and free feeling. The 78 cards of the Green Witch Tarot are designed to establish a bond between the human being and the spiritual creatures and energies of nature.

What questions can you ask the Green Witch Tarot cards?

The Green Witch Tarot is designed for all sorts of questions. However, with this extensive and specific celtic cross reading it is best to ask questions about things wherein you would like to receive insights and advice.

For questions with a short and clear answer or for questions you need a Yes or No answer to you can best choose for a past/present/future reading or a one card reading.

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