free crystal visions tarot reading

Celtic cross spread

Free Crystal Visions tarot reading - Celtic cross

Here you can do your own free Celtic Cross spread with the beautiful Crystal Visions Tarot deck. The Celtic Cross reading is done with 10 cards. You can use this free Celtic Cross spread as much as you like.

Concentrate on the cards and the question if you may have one. Then pick 10 cards and click on them to reveal the messages.

Information about the Crystal Visions Tarot

The magical Crystal Visions Tarot is created and illustrated by Jennifer Galasso. The Crystal Visions Tarot deck is a tarot deck of fantasy art, based on Rider Waite symbolism and structure. The deck contains 78 cards. Each card has a beautiful and unique illustration with ethereal faerie imagery in vibrant colors but with traditional symbolism; four suits (Swords, Cups, Pentacles and Wands) in the Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana. There are also plans for an additional 79th card, a blank card for situations that are not meant to be revealed. 

What questions can you ask this Crystal Visions Tarot deck?

The Crystal Visions Tarot deck by Jennifer Galasso is designed to ask all sorts of questions.You can ask questions about topics such as Love, Relationships, Career, Family, Finance, Health, Spiritual Growth and more.

Examples of questions you can ask the Crystal Visions Tarot Cards 

  • What can I do to change my current situation?
  • Is there a possibility for us to reconcile?
  • Is it right for me to take the next step?
  • Am I making the right choice?
  • I want to have insights about my Past/Present and Future

The Celtic Cross spread

A celtic cross symbolizes the bridge to other worlds, to a higher power and knowledge. This is why the celtic cross is used in tarot as a way to ask for higher knowledge and insights. The celtic cross spread is one of the most popular and most used spreads for a Tarot card reading. When you want a tarot card reading and you don't know what spread to use it is best to choose the celtic cross for this is one of the most versatile spreads because you can ask almost any question. The celtic cross spread consists 10 cards. Card 1 represents your (current) situation, card 2 represents your potential and also your challenges, card 3 represents what you should focus on, card 4 represents your past, card 5 represents your strenghts, card 6 represents your near future, card 7 represents your suggested approach, card 8 represents what you need to know, card 9 represents your hopes and fears and card 10 represents your potential future.

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