Four of Ariel

Free daily Tarot card - Four of Ariel

When you give, you also receive! First, this card is a reminder that financial gain and resources are to be shared. When prosperity is held on to too tightly, it can make a person closed off and therefore block the connection to future abundance. If someone has been blessed with great resources, this card can be a reminder to donate to charities and worthy causes. On the other extreme, it can indicate that someone has been too careless with money. 

There is a need to review how money is spent or to get debt under control. This card isn't just about money and finances, but can also be about expenditures of energy and emotion. Don't let fear-based thoughts limit your actions. Be willing to share whatever talents and gifts you have with those around you.

Additional meanings of this card

Control issues. Saving for a rainy day. Holding on to the present. Resisting change.

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