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Some of you may already be familiar with the free demo psychic readings (free trials) which we offered in the past. Due to a full transformation of our website we stopped offering these free demo readings. But know we are glad to announce that the free demo psychic readings are back! You can now participate our free demo readings again for free psychic readings! That being said, the free demo psychic readings are not the same as they used to be. They are a little bit different now. Let us tell you all about it!

Free psychic demo readings are like a free trial for all people who are interested in a psychic reading from one of our psychics. By participating in our free trials you can see if the psychic suits your need and if the specific psychic is able to help you with your question/problem.

How do the free psychic demo readings work?

It is actually very simple. Every week we will pick a psychic that will demonstrate his/her psychic abilities during a free chat. This free demo reading will last for about 30 minutes. During the free demo reading the psychic will do free readings. All you have to do is make sure that you are present in the chat room during the free trials. You can watch while others receive free readings are you can receive a free demo reading yourself. 

What can you expect from our free demo psychic readings?

We offer these free trials because there are so many people who are interested in a psychic reading but they are not really sure what to expect. They also have a hard time choosing the right psychic for them. That is why we offer these free psychic demo readings. During a free psychic demo reading you can really get to know the psychic. This way you can find out if the psychic will be suitable for you. A free demo reading is also a way for the psychic to show people that they are legit and that they really posses psychic abilities. Every psychic is different and they all have an unique way of receiving information. You often share very personal information with a psychic and therefore it is important that you feel a connection with a psychic. A free psychic demo reading will help you to find out if you would like to receive a personal reading from this particular psychic. And it is of course a fun way to receive a free reading from one of our online psychics!

Keep up to date with our free demo psychic readings

As said before, these free demo readings will be held on a weekly basis. If you want to be up to date with all of our free demo readings you can visit our blog. As soon as we have chosen the next psychic to perform a free demo reading we will let you know the name of the psychic, the exact date and time on which the free demo reading will be held. 

Register a free account to participate our free trials

If you want to participate our free trials it is best that you register a free account. This way the psychic can see your name/nickname when you are present in the chat room. 

Register a free account for free psychic chat and free psychic demo readings!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our free trials. Our free trials are without further obligations so feel free to participate as many as you like.