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Celtic Cross Tarot Reading online

The Celtic Cross tarot reading is a reading within the tarot which is used for general and specific readings. It is also probably the oldest and most popular tarot reading. The Celtic Cross tarot reading is used to predict the future and answer various questions about your career, finances, romantic relationship, family, home or other topic. It is versatile and thus it can be consulted for every question or situation. Even though it is widely used, it is still one of the most complex spreads within the tarot because it requires you to take every position and combination into account. 

If you do not have a specific question than the Celtic Cross reading will provide you with information and insights about your current situation and the general focus of energy. 

Even if you are not consciously aware of what is important to you right now, the tarot cards will be able to distinguish between what it is you want to or need to know about and what is of less value at the moment.  

There are many different versions of this spread, but often times people use the standard version which is explained below. Of course you can always use the version you prefer. As said previously each card and its position has a different meaning. The Celtic Cross tarot reading usually consists out of ten cards. 

Celtic Cross Tarot reading online
Celtic Cross Tarot reading online

The first card to be drawn is placed in front of the querent and represents the question or situation. The second card is placed horizontally on top of the first card and shows what is crossing you or the situation for good or bad. These first two cards make up the Small Cross of the spread. The third card is placed at the bottom of the first and second card and represents the cause of the situation and what helped it manifest. The fourth card is placed on the left of the first and second card and represents the recent past. The fifth card is placed above the first and second cards and signifies the energy and influences which are coming in. The sixth card is placed on the left of the first and second cards and represents the immediate future of the querent. The seventh card is placed below the sixth card on the right and represents the environment. The eight card is placed above the seventh card and shows the outside influences. The ninth card is placed directly above the eight card and symbolizes the hopes, fears and wishes of the querent. The tenth and final card is placed above the ninth card and represents the final outcome of the situation based on all the other cards and if the querent continues on the same path they are on. It is key to not only interpret each card individually, but to also understand the dynamics and the positions of the cards. This way you are able to receive more accurate information and insights. In order to know exactly what is means when certain cards are drawn in a single spread it is best to practice reading the cards beforehand, using other or more simple layouts.

There are many different decks one can use to perform a Celtic Cross reading. It is very important to choose a deck you are most comfortable with. To decide which deck has your preference, it is advised to experiment for some time when you first start using the tarot as a divination tool. The most common decks are the Rider Waite tarot, the Crowley Thoth tarot and the Lenormand cards.

Reading tarot cards requires some experience and at least some basic knowledge of their meaning. It is also important to listen to your intuition. A lot of people choose to have their cards read by a professional tarot reader or medium because of their psychic abilities and often times years of experience which helps them perceive detailed information and also know the exact meaning of every card and each combination. The Celtic Cross doesn't just have a complex layout ,but most people find it even more difficult to read the cards for themselves. This specific spread offers you predictions, background information, insights and advice about almost anything you would like to know. It enables you to look at your situation from a different perspective and make positive changes. The knowledge and wisdom we receive from the cards is of great value and can be used in our everyday lives.

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