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We are all about personal development, awakening and becoming more aware of what we really are, spiritual beings having a physical experience.

We love helping people become more aware and awake and that's why we started a blog with interesting articles about spirituality and the paranormal. As a spiritual being living on Earth it is not uncommon that we experience things we can't really wrap our head around.

But these things we experience are actually very normal. It's the spirit world that tries to communicate with us! Did you ever have an encounter with a being from the spirit world? Or did you have another paranormal experience like a precognitive dream that you love to share with us?

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Have you ever wondered whether you have psychic abilities? You might have them without even realizing it. We are all slightly psychic or 'gifted' and some more than others. Maybe you need more practice or you should believe in yourself a little more.

Doreen Virtue, (April 29, 1958) born and raised in California, is an American author, spiritual psychologist and motivational speaker. She is known by many as "The Angel Lady". Doreen has clairvoyant abilities herself as she is able to communicate with spirits. During a traumatic experience in her life Doreen experienced the power of the angels...

What are Angels? Do they really exist and if so, are they always around us? The answer is Yes, they definitely exist and their presence is always near. The word Angel comes from the Greek word Angelos meaning 'messenger'. Angels are heavenly beings who are also called servants or sons of God. According to the Bible, Angels are beings of light...

We have all heard of them before but what exactly are spirit guides? It is a topic many people are extremely interested in. Spirit guides are beings that are assigned to us before we are born. Their job or task is to guide us through life and help us fulfill our prime purpose on earth.

Karma and reïncarnation are two words that are often seen together in the same sentence. That is because karma and reïncarnation are connected, tangled so to speak. Karma is best explained as ''you reap what you sow''. Every action you take, every word you speak holds great power and has great consequences, either good or bad. The energy...



Spirituality can be interpreted in many different ways. In general it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. It realigns our sense of self with something we might not ever imagined was within us.

I moved into a house in Sunderland..my brother was living with me at the time he had a foot tall devil figurine from the film legend ...he pulled me one day saying that he kept finding the figurine thrown on his bed or on the floor..then my brother said someone was opening his bedroom door on a night so he...

Last weekend my husband and I were out of town to visit a family member I have not seen in years, and we were going to go fishing. Well we got a ticket for no insurance and no license and the cop let us go. Well shortly after we were driving to my cousins work and a large

I've had an experience. I've had quite a few, il start with the beginning. I was playing in a farmers field or beside one and I was picked up by what I thought at the time was a huge bird. I remember looking down and seeing my legs dangling whatever it was carried me for miles.

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