Astrology readings - How does astrology work?

What is an Astrology reading and how can it help you?

Everyone has heard of Astrology before, but what exactly is it? What does Astrology mean and what can you do with it? Also, how accurate is an astrology reading? Learn all about Astrology readings and if you wish, get in touch with the best online astrologers! You can even chat with an astrologer absolutely for free and read your horoscope for free.

Astrology stands for the connection between the fate of man and the events in his/her life and the position of the planets. The name astrology is derived from the Greek word astrologia and comes from a combination of the words astron (star(s)) and logos (theory). The most important aspect of astrology is the movements, positions and cohesion of the planets in relation to each other. .

How accurate are astrology readings?

Astrology readings are often very accurate. Birth charts are often shockingly accurate for most people. Especially when it comes to character traits and interests. Birth charts based on your exact date of birth and time are even more precise and detailed. These are no general horoscopes based on your zodiac sign but it is a very personal horoscope that is unique just for you. 

The origin of astrology

The movements and positions of the planets have fascinated people for ages. Long ago people discovered regularity in these movements and positions and tried to describe them. Describing the different celestial bodies and studying their movements is called astronomy. In the past, astronomy and astrology were inextricably linked. Not only specific light points (stars, planets, etc.) were given a name, but surrounding light points and compositions of these light points were also given a name.

 This created the constellations or signs. The oldest form of astrology is mundane astrology. The Babylonians and later also the Romans and Egyptians assigned different meanings to certain positions of the heavenly bodies in order to predict certain situations (possibly this was also done earlier by earlier civilizations). These were mainly predictions about more general situations that had to do with or pertained to the entire nation, or their leader.  

By observing the various celestial bodies, understanding and knowledge arose about the cycles of the Sun, the Moon and the stars. To this was then attached the belief that gods would give omens by allowing the celestial bodies to stand in the sky in a certain way. It was then up to a priest to interpret these omens. Especially solar and lunar eclipses and appearances and mergers of the planet Jupiter and Saturn played a major role in these omens and predictions.

Different types of Astrology

From the older types of astrology, the contemporary types of (Western) astrology have arisen, which focus more on a specific character analysis of a person, such as the birth chart. With the birth chart, an astrologer can read the character and even the future of a person based on the position of the sun in the zodiac and the position of the planets during the moment of birth. More types of astrology arose from Mundaan astrology. 

  • Hourly angle astrology where one looks for an answer to a specific question 
  • The event horoscope, it is drawn up at a specific event, the beginning of something, to gain insight into how this specific situation develops. 
  • The election horoscope is intended to calculate the best and right moment to undertake or start something 
  • Political astrology is specifically concerned with the fate of countries and the politics to be conducted by them 
  • The consultation horoscope is a horoscope that is calculated for that moment when a person consults an Astrologer. 

Learn more about Astrology

Astrology is quite complicated and there is a lot to learn about it. If you would like to get in touch with a real astrologer, you can create a free account here! A real online astrologer can then make a personal horoscope for you.

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