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Angel cards are similar to Tarot cards, but their messages are quite different as they offer more of a spiritual guidance. Angel cards allow us to access the energy of the angelic realm. Each card brings a powerful, healing message from the Angels. While Angel cards portray the most beautiful images of Angels alongside positive and loving commentary, Tarot cards are based on the minor and major arcana. Angel cards are a powerful tool for those who seek advice, guidance and insights. Just like Tarot cards, Angel cards can give insights into topics as career, relationships, finance and other everyday topics or events.

About Angel card readings

The Angels are wise and loving beings that are here to let us know we are never alone and that we are loved unconditionally. They are always with us whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Their goal is not to judge you, but to guide you towards successfully fulfilling your destiny while learning and also having fun on your journey. 

There are different kinds of Angels like guardian Angels, Archangels or healing Angels. A few of them more popular than others such a Archangel Michaël, Samuël, Uriël and Gabriël. Every angel offers his/her support in a different way. In reality we are always connected to the Angels. It is only our beliefs, ego and busy mind that convince us we are not. By feeling the loving and touching energy of the Angels while receiving an Angel card reading we are able to strengthen the connection throughout our everyday lives.

There are more than a few different Angel card decks, all based on the same principle. Each deck usually consists out of 36 cards. The most popular decks are the Doreen Virtue Angel cards, Angela McGerrs Angel cards or the Diana Cooper Angel cards.

Online Angel card reading
Online Angel card reading

A professional psychic or medium is able to receive answers from your guardian Angels and the Archangels by energetically connecting to the Angel cards. The Angel cards act as a tool to pass on information from the angels which is received by the psychic or medium and then laid on to you. Angel cards are used in the same way as Tarot cards. First, they are shuffled and cut, then spread in a specific way. Almost every medium or psychic has their own way of spreading the cards. They do however read the cards in the same manner and focus on receiving the most accurate information.

During an Angel card reading it is possible to ask questions. A few examples of questions you might be interested in asking are:

Do the Angels have a message for me or is there something I need to know? What lessons have I learned so far or should I focus on right now?What can I do in order to positively influence my mental, physical or emotional health?Am I on the right path towards fulfilling my destiny and manifesting my dreams?

You can feel free to ask any question during an Angel card reading. With Angel cards you are not likely to receive a yes or no answer, but rather advice and guidance on what decisions to make of which path to follow. It is also possible to ask for a general reading. A general reading emphasizes on what is most important to you at this time according to the Angels.

Angel cards help the Angels deliver positive and uplifting messages to you that are most important at this moment in time. Ask the Angels to send their healing energy to every area in your life you need it most. The Angels are eager to help us, all we have to do is ask.

An Angel card reading is very helpful at times when you are looking for guidance on your life path. Angel cards do not only connect to the energy of Angels but are also able to make us more aware of our own subconscious thoughts and beliefs in order to help us clarify and understand our own actions and behaviour.

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