18 The Moon

Free daily Tarot card - 18 The Moon

It's time to review your plans! Something just isn't quite right, and your angels and guides are lovingly bringing this to your attention. The great news is that your psychic and intuitive abilities are heigthened right now. Listen to your intuition and your sleeping dreams for guidance as to how to make revisions. Archangel Haniel can help you develop your psychic gifts and show you what aspects of the situation you're missing. It's human to have moments when you feel worried or uncertain. 

This card is meant to reassure you that by facing your fears, you can overcome them and evolve to a higher level. Ask Archangel Haniel to shed a light on all facets of your life. 

Additional meanings of this card

Messages from deceased loved ones. Hidden information or motivations. Facing your fears.

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