White Magic
White magic, spells and rituals

White magic and spells

White magic is all magic used for the purpose of helping or healing others. It is magic that is used for selfless intentions or at least intentions that do not harm others. White magic is used for the good of all people and should only have peaceful intentions.

White magic is there to create positive energies and positive outcomes. Spells such as love spells, money spells, good fortune spells and rituals are most commonly used in white magic. 

White magic and spells work hand in hand with the law of attraction 


Fortune teller spells
Fortune teller spells

Often times when people think of Witchcraft, they think of dark magic and evil spells. This is actually not the case. The origin of Witchcraft dates back hundreds or maybe thousands of years ago. It was used for both purposes, dark magic and white magic.

The reason it is called Witchcraft and not Wizard craft is because it was mostly used by women back in the day. Witchcraft is a broad term used for the belief and the practice of magic and it can be found in many cultures.

Often times in history Witchcraft was blamed for all the things people were unable to explain like for instance disease and sudden death. It is mostly because of this that people believe Witchcraft was practiced for evil purposes only. In reality, Witchcraft was based on healing and helping with the use of magic spells and rituals.

Love spells

A love spell is a spell created to attract a love relationship into your life. As long as it is used to better the lives of all people involved, then we are able to call it White magic. Love spells are one of the most popular and most practiced spells.

In some cases love spells are created for the wrong purposes and could take away someone's free will. This would not fall under the category of White magic.

Love spells can be done to attract a specific individual and to make him/her fall in love with you. 

Keep in mind that not all things can be achieved by casting a spell. If it is not meant to be than it will not happen. Spells can help to attract things which you desire but it is not possible to attract things that do not fit into the life you are supposed to live. If it would send you in a whole different direction then you are supposed to go than it means that it does not fit into your life and therefore it will not happen.

Money spells

As the name already implies, money spells are spells that attract more money and wealth to you or if you'd like you can bless another person to attract more money. Money spells are focused around wealth and prosperity.

With money spells a spell could be cast, for example, to attract a new job offer, or a better job, a raise or maybe a wealthy lover. You can specify the way this money should come in by clearly stating the way you would like it to happen. But the same goes for money spells, if it does not fit into your life then it will not happen. Try to ask for realistic things.

Good fortune spells

Good fortune spells
Good fortune spells

A good fortune spell is casted to bless a person with more good fortune. These spells are often casted when a person is feeling a bit out of luck and more negative events are taking place in his/her life. It may feel like everything you do turns out wrong or nothing goes the way you planned it.

In this case you could ask for a good fortune spell. You will have the choice to choose between a strong or mild spell. A good fortune spell to break your bad luck does not have to be too complicated and strong and is usually a great start to turn your luck around.


With a spell usually comes a ritual. Often times spells are casted during a full moon or eclipse. A full moon is a powerful phenomenon and helps with creating a powerful spell. Basic tools like incense, candles and crystals are also used during rituals. For example, with most love spells red candles and Rose Quartz crystals are used.

Most rituals also include chants, positive affirmations and gestures to create a successful spell. These rituals should always be performed by an expert who knows how to use White magic in a safe and effective way.

Contact a White witch or spellcaster

If you want to learn more about white magic or if you want somebody to cast a spell for you, you can contact a professional witch or spellcaster and chat with them for free. Of course you can also buy credits for a private reading. 

About white magic and spells

Spells real or fake?
Spells real or fake?

People often ask us if white magic is real and if there are spells that can really attract love and abundance into their life. We would like to give some clarity about white magic, rituals and spells. White magic, rituals and spells are real but it's not that they can just bring you all the things you long for in life. Spells can help to bring more abundance and more love into your life because they work hand in hand with the law of attraction. If you visualize and believe that you are loved and that you easily attract abundance into your life than you probably will. It is just the way the Universe works. Your mind is a powerful thing and your thoughts create your reality. When you think of positive things than you will attract positive things but if you are a negative person than you will attract negative things into your life. White magic and spells set the intention to attract that which you desire. That could be a love relationship, a new house, more money, friendship, a nice car or whatever it is you may desire. That being said, not all things can be attracted with magic, spells or rituals. If you are not meant to be with a specific person or if it is not meant to be for you to be rich than you can never achieve that with a spell. But you can ask for a partner in general and not mention a specific person or you can ask for an amount of money which will make your life better at the moment. Stay realistic. If you do so, white magic, rituals and spells can surely help you to attract more love and abundance into your life. It is all about setting the attention and believing that it will happen. If it fits the life you are supposed to live than the Universe will give it to you.