Spiritual and paranormal related videos

Videos for spiritual growth and personal development

Welkom to our page about spiritual growth and personal development. Here you can watch interesting videos about all sorts of topics that are spiritual and paranormal related. You can watch videos about famous psychic mediums, spiritual teachers, energy healing, astral projection, soul mates, twin flames, indigo children, meditation, yoga, the law of attraction, possitive affirmations, gemstones, paranomal phenomena.

Spiritual teachers and interviews

In these videos you can listen to wellknown psychics and spiritual teachers talking about many different spiritual topics such as : The Law of attraction, spirit guides, life after death, signs from passed loved ones and much more.

Louise L. Hay - The Universe loves grateful people

PSYCHIC ABILITY and The Thinning Veil with John Holland

Louise Hay - Rigid Rules Of How Life SHOULD Be Lived

James Van Praagh and Doreen Virtue discuss  friendship

Precognition, Synchronicity - Trish and Rob MacGregor 

Oprah about The Secret - How To Use The Law Of Attraction

Signs from Spirit with James Van Praagh

Ignite Your Soul's Deepest Purpose - James Van Praagh

"You BECOME What You #BELIEVE!" - Oprah Winfrey

Meditation videos

These medition videos can help you relax after a stressful day. Or you can listen to them right after you wake up so you will feel more relax during the day. Meditation videos can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. For the best result please listen to them on a daily basis. 

A Meditation for Stress Relief & Anxiety: Walk Along the Beach 

Golden Light Guided Meditation with James Van Praagh

Spirit of Positive Energy, Luck & Fortune ' Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation - Raising your vibration with the Angels

Guided Meditation For Anxiety & Stress, Beginning Meditation, 

Guided Meditation for Trusting Your Intuition (Higher Self)

Positive affirmations videos

Positive affirmations can help you reprogram your mind to increase self worth, self esteem and self confidence for a happier and more fulfilling life. Listen to these positive affirmation videos on a daily basis before going to bed or right after you wake up. Please note that it's important to keep listening for at least a couple of weeks or months before you will start experiencing the positive results. 

Law Of Attraction Spoken Affirmations for Happiness 

Louise Hay 50 minutes of positive affirmations

Health, Wealth, Happiness POWERFUL Affirmations 

Learn to do what you really want by using affirmations

Self-Love Affirmations: "I am Beautiful" Affirm your Self Worth

Releasing negative thoughts for a calm and peaceful mind

Astral projection videos

Astral projection is the ability to visit different dimensions. You can pratice this with different techniques or maybe you have experienced it before by accident. If you want lo learn more about astral projection or when you want to learn the techniques to practise it these videos can be very helpful. 

How To Astral Project- Step by Step For Beginners

Hypnosis for Astral Projection (Out of body experience)

My Astral Projection Experience (Most Effective Technique)

Out of body experience, high state of meditation 

Astral Projection Amazing Possibilities and How To 

Astral projection hypnosis for beginners

Energy healing videos

With these energy healing videos (meditation) you can heal you body and mind so that you will feel more energetic, more balanced and more happy. Practise these aura and chakra healing meditations on a daily basis for the best results. 

Chakra cleansing, healing and balancing your chakras

528Hz Full body healing - Emotional & Physical healing

Healing Light Energy, Full Body Scan Guided Meditation

Energy cleanse - Destroy unconsicious blockages & fear

Balancing Your Chakras with Healing Energy 

432 Hz Balancing and Activating the Chakras