Free Fairy Lenormand Oracle Reading 
Free Past present future reading

Free Fairy lenormand Past present future reading

This is a free online oracle card reading with the beautiful Fairy Lenormand Oracle deck. You can do a free past present future spread and ask any question you have in mind. Take a deep breath and concentrate on the cards and the question if you may have one. Then choose 3 cards by clicking on them. The cards will automatically reveal the messages. 

You can use this free Lenormand Oracle card reading as much as you like!

Information about the Fairy Lenormand Oracle cards

Free Fairy lenormand oracle card reading
Free Fairy lenormand oracle card reading

The Fairy Lenormand Oracle cards are based on the traditional Lenormand Oracle cards by Mademoiselle Lenormand. Mlle. Lenormand was a well known french fortune teller who made future predictions by using her cards, especially for famous people.

The Fairy Lenormand Oracle cards are designed by authors Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin and they are illustrated by Davide Corsi who is also co-author of this Fairy Lenormand deck. The Fairy Lenormand cards are published by Llewellyn in July 2015.

The illustrations on the cards are inspired by the natural magic of fairies. The 36 enchanting cards display the most beautiful images in fairy art style.

What questions can I ask during a Fairy Lenormand Oracle card reading?

During a reading with the Fairy Lenormand Oracle cards you can ask any question about any topic you would like. You can ask questions about love and relationships, home and family, career and finances, health , spirituality and questions about the future.

Examples of questions that you can ask in a Fairy Lenormand Card reading:

  • What is it that i need to know about my partner?

  • How will this situation evolve?

  • Do i have a future with my current partner?

When you dont have a question then only read the general description. If you have a question about love then only read the 'love' description etc. 

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